Hacked! And housing!

My gmail account was hacked — if any of you ever sent me an email (or vice-versa), I apologize if you got some random crap today.  We just found out our housing assignment this morning, and I googled the hell out of it, clicking on all sorts of links on Filipino websites.  My guess is, one of those was the culprit.


In related news — we just found out our housing today!  YAY!

We really wanted to stay at a high rise in the Makati area, which is the financial district in Manila, but the odds were against us.  But we lucked out!  Looks like we’ll be in temporary housing for the first 3 weeks in town, then we’ll be living in style in a 3 bedroom (!!!) condo.  Woot!  They have a gym and a pool, and we’re right next door to this sports club that has an olympic sized pool (but not the easiest to become a member of, but one can try, no?).

Hence the googling — I wanted to see if our pool is a proper swimming pool with laps or not.  No such luck, found tons of pictures of the outside of the building online, none of the pool.

We really wanted to live in Makati, because there are tons of things to do within walking distance.  There’s even a Starbucks two blocks away (thank you google maps!), which probably made Karl pee his pants a little. (He’s a tad addicted, but since he’s from Seattle and all, that’s allowed, no?  I won’t discuss his love for McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, because that is just wrong.)

A throughout look at google maps, showed me no running trails whatsoever, so I’ll have to learn to be a sidewalk runner for the next two years.  But I think I can handle that!

I also found out about these great (and cheap) photography classes there, so I can finally learn how to use my camera without the “auto mode.”  It’s about freaking time.

Now fingers crossed that Lily finally gets better from this respiratory infection (her lungs are now clear, but she still coughs a lot, so another two weeks of antibiotics for her).  Without her getting better, we can’t get her vaccinated, without the vaccines, she can’t go anywhere.

Yesterday I had to go to the State Department for my own set of vaccines (the first set out of three).  Isn’t it odd that I got a rabies shot before my dog did?

And lastly, I printed one of our wedding pictures on canvas (thanks to this great Groupon I got for Canvas On Demand).  Look how great it turned out (and believe me, it looks even better in person!).  Can’t wait to hang it at our new place!




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5 responses to “Hacked! And housing!

  1. I love the canvas!

    I am excited that you are getting everything set up for your new adventure!

  2. I love that canvas!! So gorgeous!

  3. R

    Have you checked out Jim Paredes’ photo workshops? Might be worth a look. –>http://jimparedes-workshops.com/category/photography-workshops/

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