Saturday Run!

This weekend I got to run twice — yep TWICE!  It almost feels like I’m back to normal, if it wasn’t so hard to do what just months ago I considered a “short run.”

I met up with the group on Saturday at Roosevelt Island, and from there we did one of my favorite routes:  Rosslyn – Iwo Jima – Arlington Cemetery – Memorial Bridge – National Mall and back.  It starts uphill at first, it’s completely flat once you get to the National Mall, and then it’s downhill to the end (after tackling the famous Marine Corps Marathon finish line at the Iwo Jima hill…)

I wish I had thought to take a picture when we first started running — we had the biggest crowd yet (at least for an event that involved running, not beer).  Over 35 people showed up for the run!  We usually get anywhere from a dozen to two dozen people, so we were all excited by the amount of folks who showed up.  As usual, there were enough people for every pace, but people were really able to run with a large group this time!  Awesome!  If you live in the DC area and are looking for a running group, or just visiting, make sure to check us out: (Yes, I’m super creative and named my blog after my running group…)

So back to the run…  I not only failed to take a picture of the group, but failed to take a picture of the start on Roosevelt Island.  But, I did think of pulling the camera out for most of the 5 mile run…

We started going up to Rosslyn…

Passed the Arlington Cemetery…

Hopped on the Memorial Bridge…

Went next to the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool (I got no pictures of it, since I just did this route last week).  Then we got to the 2.5 mile turn around point, and made our way back…

And crossed in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial before heading home…

Despite yet another gloomy day and my tired face, I was doing great throughout the whole run.  Maybe because I got to wear my favorite jacket?  Yep, that was one of my purchases during the Marine Corps Marathon, and it cost a fortune, but isn’t the back of it super cool?

When I got home, I even forced Karl to take a couple of stupid pictures in front of the mirror in our building’s hallway with me…



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