Run on the C&O Canal!

I hadn’t been running on the C&O Canal for at least 2 months, and I really missed running longer distances here, since I had such a fun time running here in the summer for both my 20 milers (here and here).  Remember how gorgeous it was?  If you didn’t feel like clicking on those links, let me help you:

Nice, huh?

So can you understand why I thought it was the perfect place to knock out 8.5 miles?  (Specially considering I haven’t run that long since October!)

However, there’s such a thing as winter here, and even gorgeous sunny days don’t hide that fact…

Can you feel my disappointment?

Jen and Sarah (one of our new group members) joined me at Fletcher’s Boathouse to start our run.  It was a gorgeous day, and though I ran with long sleeves, I could have easily worn short sleeves and been fine.  The company was great, we were chitchatting the whole way, but boy, was I tired!  My legs felt like lead, and despite feeling like I was running sprints, my Garmin kept beeping warning me I couldn’t keep up a 12 min/mile pace. OUCH!

I can guarantee you that if it wasn’t for the great company, I would have given up and not even bothered with it.  But luckily, the two of them carried me through, despite the SUPER BORING views the C&O Canal was providing us.

No, really, super boring — the views never changed from this…  (and no, this was not taken at the same spot as the picture above.  Told you:  BORING).

We did knock our planned 8.5 miles at the end, and I even managed to finish the last 0.1 with a strong sprint.  (You read that right:  a tenth of a mile.  I miss the days when I could pull that off for my last mile!)

Have you ever taken a route you love only to be disappointed by it?  I wonder if I’ll even get to experience the C&O Canal in its full green glory, before we move…

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