Wednesday Run


Seriously!  I wasn’t going particularly fast, so it wasn’t one of those runs, but at no point did I feel like quitting, I just felt fine.  It reminded me of a lot of the runs I had when I was marathon training.  I really needed the confidence boost!

We had about a dozen people from the running group showing up (which is the norm for winter night runs), and Kristy was nice enough to run my pace (remember when she actually used to run my pace?  Yeah, she got super speedy!  I’m so proud!).  Hugi tagged along with us as well, which was a treat — I haven’t seen her since my last day of work when I stopped by at her office to give her a goodbye hug.

Saturday, I’m scheduled for a ten miler in NYC!  Jen is coming to the city with me, and we’re staying at Tracy‘s place.  Even Lily is tagging along!  We’re headed that way on Friday, and staying through the weekend.  Tracy will be picking a good ten mile route for us to run on Saturday (I better remember the camera), and if all goes well, I should be right on track for a 11.5 miler next weekend, and (ACK!) my 5th half marathon the following weekend.  Tracy was super nice offering for us to stay at her place.  I only met her once, at the Chicago Marathon, but I guess you do some kind of bonding when you run 13 miles together through miserable weather.

I haven’t been to NYC in two years, since I first started dating Karl (doesn’t he look young?  This was only 2 years ago, I have aged him!).

I figured a short trip was in order before we move.  Karl will be visiting his best friend in Charleston, and since it was such a short trip (Friday night – Sunday), I figured it was not worth to spend the money to get a ticket for me as well.  Plus, let him have some bonding time.  Of course, later I realized it would be the perfect time to hop over to NYC, since the next few weekends will be super busy (we only have 7 weekends left until the move, and one will be spent in VA Beach for the half marathon, the other in Rio — not that I’m complaining).  Funny to think that I lived in that area so long, and not once ran there.  It was years before I became a runner!

I really am fearing that half marathon in VA Beach on the 20th, is the one I’m least trained for, thanks to the hip.

On brighter news, not to jinx myself, but the hip barely hurts today.  It’s the least it has hurt the day after a run, since it first flared up at the end of December.  It gives me hope!

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  1. megabrooke

    Good for you!!

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