Skights Review

After reading one of my skirts reviews, Pete, from iRun Athletic Wear, asked me to review the Skights.  (You know how exciting it is that someone finally sent me something to review?  YAY!)

What are skights, you may be asking?  Exactly what they sound like:  skirts with tights built in.  I don’t usually wear skirts in the winter, and am more than happy to wear capris without covering my badangandan, but I was definitely up for trying the skights!  They have two type of skights on their website, a solid black, and the white racer stripe one, which is what I chose:

Like everything running-related, the price is not cheap, at $48, but it is definitely comparable to what other sites charge for their skirts (one can even say it’s on the cheaper side, seeing that Skirts Sports, who sells my favorite running skirts, charge $75 for their skirt/capri combo, and $90 for their skirt/pants combo).

I received them pretty quickly, and at first, I was scared.  I got a size medium and they looked TINY.  Like kids size tiny.  Smaller than my compression pants.  There is NO way that was fitting me!  They were even tight going through my feet!  So I proceeded with caution…  But surprisingly, they were super stretchy, and they fit over my legs just fine!  They are not like compression pants though, so you don’t feel them squeezing your legs, they are barely noticeable once they’re on.

I’m not sure if I like the skirt + tights look yet though.  The skirt was very short for my comfort zone, which makes no sense, I know, because I was wearing tights underneath!  It would be different if I didn’t wear stretchy running pants on its own, I do!  But for some reason, having a short skirt, I felt like it highlighted my thighs.   Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m 10 lbs heavier than when I was wearing running skirts daily.  (Please ignore the fact that my jacket’s pockets were full with stuff.)

The tights part was much more like tights than pants.  I can see people that are uncomfortable showing their legs in warmer weather wearing this, since it’s not made of a thick material it doesn’t provide much warmth (it was perfect for the weather I was running in though!).  They are definitely too thin if the weather is in the lower 30’s or below, but anything above that would work great.  The tights are slightly see-through, which of course it’s not an issue since you have the skirt on.  They might be short, but they do cover the goods, so no one can see anything.

One thing I really didn’t like about it (and I have complained about this from the Atalanta running skirts too), is that they have a thin elastic band on top, which unfortunately, causes some major muffin top look.  (If you’re rocking a six-pack though, no worries, that won’t happen to you!)  At first I found it majorly uncomfortable (it was right in the middle of that stomach pooch that some of us have!), so I put the skirt around a plastic container lid overnight, and in the morning the band had stretched out enough that though still muffin-top’ish, it was no longer bothering me (and as long as I wore without a tight shirt, it wasn’t noticeable).

I decided to try it out for my 5 mile run last Saturday, and at first I kept tugging the hem of the skirt and pulling it down, until my friends told me to stop, the skirt fit just fine, my butt was not showing, the skirt was not shifting.  I guess it’s hard to tell when you have a layer between your skin and the bottom of the skirt!  Once I stopped fidgeting with it, I forgot it was even there!  And when you’re running, NOT thinking about what you’re wearing is a major thing.

I have to say, I love the capris I wear during the winter, but they ride down, and I have to pull them up every half a mile or so, so that my butt crack is not terrifying my fellow trail runners.  There’s something to be said about the tight elastic band of the skights:  it did not shift, move, ride down, ride up, NOTHING throughout the whole 5 mile run.  It stayed in place, not moving an inch.

My biggest complaint about the skights though, and why I probably won’t wear it much, is that it has no pockets.  Not one.  For $48, I would expect at least a small key pocket so I can store my car key and maybe a Gu, and not have to run with anything else.  (I ended up having to bring my iFitness belt for this run for my key.)

This is an easy enough thing to fix, so I hope the people at the iRun will add something to it.  I think side pockets on the tights, like Skirts Sports offer on the shorts, or even a small zippered pocket on the back of the skirt, would help a TON.

And now for a side view…

If you like the skirt/tights combo, and if the lack of pockets and the short skirt are not an issue to you, I would definitely recommend the skirt, as it was super-comfortable to run in!

Pete from iRun also sent me this shirt:

I haven’t had a chance to wear it out yet since the weather is still a bit too cool for it, but it’s one of the softest shirts I have.  It’s also a super-good deal at $15 since you never get a chance to buy performance shirts for that price.  The bad news?  Right now they only sell it in black — I totally want it in more colors since it’s so soft!  It’s super stretchy but not tight.  I LOVE it!

(And for the required disclaimer:  I received the items on this review free of charge, and was not compensated for the review.  The opinions here are my own.)

Have you tried a tights/skirt combo before?  Had you heard of the skights before?


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24 responses to “Skights Review

  1. Hmm…it seems worth a try! Kinda pricey though! I was hoping a giveaway might have been coming at the end of this post! 😉

  2. These are really cute. I like ’em!!! I’m liking skirts more and more, but most, I feel like need something underneath. I think the price is pretty right-on. Most skirts are more than that…

    • Did you see that now they’re $29? Not bad. Though the skirt might be short for your crazy long legs, I should have mentioned that the thighs will actually be long enough for you. You can tell that the go beyond where my socks end.

  3. I received a Nike skirt/capri combo for Christmas and love the way it looks. Jury is still out on the function though b/c I think I need a size smaller. It feels like they are constantly sliding down and that I have to hike them up pretty far (if you catch my drift) for them to stay in place which is not exactly comfy!

    • That’s the same problem I have with my capris! They’re the correct size, but they keep riding down too and I have to run and pull them up. Not fun. (But they’re comfy otherwise, so I keep wearing them…)

  4. Hi Carla,

    My name is Sherri, the other owner of iRun Athleticwear and I wanted to thank you for such an honest and thoughtful review!!! Pete and I really appreciate your wonderful write-up.

    I LOVE your blog and would like to link it to our blog if you don’t mind. It’s so informative and inspirational. It’s way cool that you get to travel and run around the world!

    You look absolutely adorable in our skight. Thank you so much for the suggestions – we plan to implement them in our next product run. What other colors do you recommend for the t-shirt?

    BTW, the skights are now on sale for a limited time! We need to move them to make room for new pieces.

    Thanks again for the review!
    : D

    Sherri Houmadi
    iRun Athleticwear

    • Sherri, I wish I knew it was on sale when I wrote this up! I think the main thing with the skights, for me, was the skirt was a bit too short for my thick thighs, and the lack of pockets was a bummer.

      I was just out in NYC and brought them over, so Tracy (from could try them out — she’s much taller than me though!). She said “it’s funny, but your review was right-on, I struggled to put them on, but once they’re on they’re super comfortable!” — the skirt was even shorter on her, so that was a deal breaker for her. My friend Jen also tried them on (she’s skinny on the petite side) and she said she’d love to see them in capris, since she wears capris year-round, and the tights were too long for her (she could bunch them up in the bottom, and she’s going to see if that works).

      We joked it was the “sisterhood of the traveling pants” since the three of us have COMPLETELY different body types, and it fit all three of us. I told Jen to try them out and possibly write a review for me to post here under her perspective. If she likes it, she’s going to keep them, since my move to Manila next month means I won’t be wearing anything covering my legs while running in that heat.

      Now for the shirt colors, I personally love to run wearing different colored tops — everyone has white! When I see a bright green, or an orange, a red, a teal blue, deep pink, etc, I snag right up (plus on races it’s easier for people to find you too!). Any chance you’ll make sleeveless shirts like those? I wear a lot more sleeveless in the hot summer, which is basically what the weather in Manila is like all the time.

      Thanks for giving me a chance to review it! If Jen writes something up too, I’ll let you know!

  5. Ohh I think the Skights are super cute and look good on you! I’ve never tried a running skirt, but I’m always mildly intrigued by them.

  6. Hi
    I really dont think I could run wearing that. I hate clothes in general so wearing two might be to much for me.

    Congrats on moving..are you going to keep your blog over there?

  7. I’m trying really hard to find a running capri skirt (skapri?) or a running skirt-tights combo, and really striking out. I need the skirt to be long, because I’m tall. So if you know of any, I’d sure be grateful! (I’ve been surfing the web looking, which is how I found your review! 🙂 )

  8. Tia

    Look at you! You’ve officially entered blogger bliss when people start giving you stuff to review! Way to go. 🙂

    You should go to Blogworld in NYC. Get all kinds of swag!


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  10. Jackie

    I got here from a link from the iRun folks. I am also *very* intrigued by this concept, but my must-haves include:
    1. A drawstring! (little in the middle but I got much back) This would probably solve the ride-down problem as well.
    2. More of a true compression tight underneath.
    3. A nice pocket
    4. Capris…I am short!
    5. A longer skirt. (again with the “back”)

    So far I want to try the Nike Skapris, but WOW they are pricey. Maybe the skight folks will make some changes. Thanks for the wonderfully thorough review!

    • Lynda B

      I should just say “me too” to Jackie’s post. I am looking for the same things but for different reasons. Dealbreakers include the lack of the following:

      1: Drawstring. I have a big waist and when I run clothing tends to slide down.
      2: Compression tights!
      3. Pocket large enough for a key… maaybe an ID
      4: Capris- I am tall but get hot easily.
      5: Longer skirt. I am pretty tall and am afraid this will be above crotch level.

      I really appreciate the fact that this company makes plus sizes. This is so crucial it makes me want to cry. Not many companies do this.

      Thanks for the review. I really appreciate the honest feedback.

  11. Emily

    I was so dang excited to find these that I bought a pair of each. I don’t run in anything else. I wear compression stockings for varicose veins so I have to run in pants.
    I am short though, and wide. They are too long, I wish they had petite. I also think a pocket would be grand. I wear an XX and they fit great! The skirt really covers all I got back there. They do slide down a little. And the muffin top . . . But I don’t care. Honestly if you don’t wanna see it, don’t look. And hey, at least I’m exercising!

  12. Hi guys, Happy Memorial Day. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. We appreciate it.

    I wanted to post that we have auctions for the iRun stuff on eBay starting at $5 – all products and sizes. So please check it out and tell your friends.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks – Pete @ iRun

  13. Just finding your blog and ordered this skirt bundle a few weeks back. Haven’t heard from them…just got a payment invoice from pay/pal…I’ve emailed that I haven’t had a shipping notice. It said 48 hours and its been over two weeks…I sent Pete a note by email. No word in the past few days…I’m hoping its because it Christmas….
    Do you know Pete? This looks adorable.
    Congrats on the upcoming Baby! Melissa

  14. PretoriaRunningMan

    Those tights fit you quite well and they look pretty good on you. But then it helps a lot that you’re blessed with such great, shapely legs. Your calves are pretty awesome too.

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