Yes, I’ve been having a lazy week so far.  I blame it partially on the insane amount of time I spent driving and hanging out in the subway this last weekend (I went up to NYC!  I ran with Tracy!  I will post about it soon, promise — we took pictures!).  And I also blame it on finally starting my Typhoid Fever vaccines (pills every other day for a week — that’s the glamorous life of the foreign services!).

The bad news is my foot bothered me during the run on Saturday, and it still hasn’t gone away.  I’m back at doing the ultrasound with it (with my home machine), and sleeping with the strassburg sock on.  (Ah, the glamorous life of an injured runner…)  I skipped my run last night in hopes it would be better by now, but no luck.  But tonight, I won’t give up on my Wednesday run with the group (if I really wanted to torture myself, I would now count how many of them I have left until we move.  I already know I can count them in two hands, not using all fingers.  Boo!).

Have I mentioned it’s supposed to be raining outside and I’m a wimp for running in the rain?  And that I’m doing it anyway, even though my supposedly healed foot flared up again?  I don’t want to move to Manila with any regrets going “I wish I had gone running on that rainy day when my foot hurt” so I think I’ll go running, rain be damned.

Oh, and remember the Skights I reviewed on Friday?  That was like that movie “the sisterhood of the traveling pants”  Seriously.  I took it with me to NYC to see if Tracy or Jen wanted it — not because I don’t like the skights, but because in a month or so, the coldest weather I’ll be running in will be 70 degrees, and all my winter running clothes will be going into storage in Maryland for the next two years, so I figured it’s only fair that I pass along something I got for free, if I won’t be using it.  Anyway, Tracy tried it on and said my review was spot on:  she didn’t think it was going to fit her, amazingly it did, but the skirt was just too short (shorter on her since she’s has legs that go on forever — she, like me, would prefer if the skirt was just another inch or so longer).  Then Jen, who is like a hundred sizes smaller than either me or Tracy, tried it on, and it fit her perfectly, but the tights got bunched up on the ankles because of her shorter legs (though the material is light enough that it didn’t bug her).  So three people with completely different body types, all fit into an M size of the Skights.  Jen is going to wear it for a trial run, and she might even write a short review about it!  Funnily enough, they were both hoping to see a capri version of it, so we’ll see if that will be developed. (The Skights are now on sale for $29, by the way.)

On the good news front:  Lily ended her last string of antibiotics yesterday, and for the first time since I got her (a month ago!) got a clean bill of health!  Her blood work came out great, white cell count normal, no more anemia, and of course, she hasn’t coughed for about two weeks now (after coughing for 2 weeks straight!) and has gained a pound of weight (which is a LOT considering she was only 3lbs when I got her).  So she got her first few shots, and finally getting her rabies shots in a couple of weeks.

I still find it funny that I got my rabies vaccine (again, glamorous foreign service life) before my dog did.

Ok, back to being lazy.  I do have a run planned for in an hour, after all.

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