The run that wasn’t…

Remember how yesterday I was all excited about running with my group, only a few group runs left and all of that?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Because after we got dressed in our best reflective gear ready to hit the trails, and made our way down to the parking lot, my car was nowhere to be seen.  Turns out, after Kristy stayed here with Lucas while I was prancing around NYC, I forgot to put the parking pass back on.  So my car got towed.  Fun times…

Lots of tears and $115 later, I had my car, but by then the run had long ended.  I didn’t even have a way to tell the group folks “hey, I’m not coming” seeing I found out about the missing car 15 minutes before the run was supposed to start, when I was literally on my way out.

So no running…  The 11.5 miles on Saturday will be interesting…  I predict lots of walking.  This sucks.

In other news, while the whole blog world is getting pregnant or trying for babies, Karl and I have officially ended our “let’s see what happens” (which only lasted a couple of months anyway) and went back to our “let’s wait to have kids” sort of ways.  If I get knocked up on our first year in Manila, I will be missing so much of the experience — trips I’m not taking, foods I can’t eat, and the what-not.  Sooo0…  We decided to at least wait a year until after we get to Manila, and then revisit the idea.

Of course, we’re back to DC in 2 years, for at least 6 months, so if I could time it correctly, I could arrive here about 6 months pregnant and pop the baby in DC, which would avoid all the medevac fun, and not have to be in a different continent than him.  But timing things correctly is a whole other story, no?

Said that, it’s amazing how just a couple of years ago I was all “no kids anytime soon” and now I see a little baby (a bunch of friends have recently popped babies too) and I get all wishful.  Damn biological clock!   If only I had tons of new races to look forward to…


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4 responses to “The run that wasn’t…

  1. Funny about the babies thing…I feel the same way, even though Matt and I are not married yet. It’s for this exact reason I need a niece or nephew! I can indulge quasi-motherly instincts but the child utilmately goes home “at the end of the day”. However my sister is NEVER having kids and Matt’s sister is years away from this (hopefully), so we’ll just spoil our dogs in the meantime. (You know it’s bad when you dress your dogs up in Halloween costumes and reverse trick or treat to your neighbors dogs…bringing them dog treats and a fun note. We only did this to the neighbors that we are close to but STILL!!)

  2. I get the kids cramp travel style mantra. However, after trying one out in DC and one out in Manila, life with babies is 5000x easier in Manila because of cheap help. That first year is tough and having another adult to help was awesome. If you want some Manila tips drop me a line and we can meet up.

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