It’s about freaking time… NYC trip!

Yes, I went to NYC over a week ago, I ran with the awesome Tracy (and stayed at her place, now how nice is she?  Plus, how nice is her boyfriend who put up with two girls and a dog crashing at their place?), and I’m only talking about it now.  Call it laziness.  *sigh*

Friday Jen and I made our way up to NYC, with Lily in tow.  Karl was visiting his best friend in Charleston, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to go to NY, as I won’t have a chance to go there again before we move.  I should mention that I went to school and worked in  NYC — I was there for almost 7 years before moving to DC, and haven’t visited in almost 2 years (the horror!  I’m only 4 hours away!).

A lot of my friends have since moved away from the city, some I lost touch, and mostly I just didn’t have time to see anyone (and only on my drive back I remembered all the people I should have gotten in touch with at this trip, but completely forgot!).

I had a 10 miler on my schedule, and it wasn’t hard to convince Tracy to tag along with us on Saturday. She even wrote about our visit too, if you want to check out her post on it!  Last time we ran together (and first time we met!) was when we struggled through the heat of the Chicago Marathon.  Fun times…

We mostly ran running along the Hudson River…

I have to work on taking flattering running pictures of myself.  All this non-running crap from the beginning of the year, means I lost the magic touch.  Don’t believe me?

I mean, I am still 10lbs fatter since the wedding, but I promise I didn’t put it all on my chin (my thighs, on the other hand, are a whole different story…)

I also took a couple of pictures of Tracy running, since hers came out just as badly as mine, I’ll refrain from posting it here, not to piss off my super-nice hostess.  Plus, she posts enough unflattering pictures of herself in her blog. No, really…  She does

Jen, on the other hand, looked splendid…

I’m not going to lie — the weather was warm, and I was struggling the whole way.

When we finally had pretty things to see (because there’s not much to see when you’re that far uptown), we stopped like the *gasp* tourist I now am and took pictures.

Anything to keep us from running again (at least that’s how I was feeling!).

Jen and Tracy were attempting to use my awesome self-portrait talent…

How did that work?  (Ok, so yes, I am stealing a couple of pictures from Jen’s Facebook page.  What?)

And this is how I do it!

I was really delaying this running thing, taking more and more pictures…

Eventually, the girls decided it was time to start running again, and I struggled along.  All of a sudden, my foot started hurting me, not on the arch like it’s known to do, but on the forefoot.  When we were just short of 7 miles, I admitted defeat and mentioned how I had to stop.  My foot was screaming in pain by then.  Needless to say, I felt miserable cutting everyone’s run short.  Ugh.

We then walked into Central Park, and back into town to pick up Tracy’s bib, for the 5k she was running the next day.  I kept on taking pictures…

I ate some of my favorite street nuts (and I still owe the $5 bucks to Tracy, ACK!  Why did I only remember that now?)

And took more pictures!

Finally, after grabbing the bib, we cabbed back to Tracy’s place, showered, and Jen and I left to eat lunch.  At around 4 or so.  Nice.  I ate falafel at my favorite falafel place ever.  No, really.  Next time you’re in NYC, please try it…  I scarfed it down before thinking of taking pictures, but I did get a shot of the place (yep, it’s a hole in the wall.  Those are always the best ones, no?).

Because I also wanted to buy Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co. (specially after seeing Kim’s post about it), we went there next.  Turns out it was just a block away from the best.falafel.ever.  (Kim, how did you miss this place??)

The rest of Saturday night is a bit of a blur.  No, I wasn’t drunk (I wish!), I just had a headache that converted into something of a migraine (dehydration?  Waiting so long to eat lunch?  Who knows?).  We took a couple more pictures on the way to Starbucks, where we sat for a while in hopes I would get better…

Can you tell I’m smiling through pain?

I even saw the best food cart  ever!

After sitting for a while, we made our way over to the restaurant, where Tracy, her boyfriend and my friend Lauren were going to meet us.  On the way I bought some Gatorade and migraine medicine, which immediately made me feel like throwing up.  By the time Tracy and Joe showed up, I had already canceled it with Lauren, and was ready to go home.  Despite me insisting they would go eat without me, they insisted in going back home with me.  I passed out on the couch, while they looked for alternative places to eat.

Next morning, I was feeling much better and went with Jen to eat brunch at the lower east side, at this place that serves the best french toast I’ve ever had.  (Just like the falafel, I always have to eat there when I visit!)

Lily, by the way, terrorized Matilda (Tracy’s dog) to no end.  Don’t be fooled by her innocent face!

We mostly ran running along the Hudson River…


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4 responses to “It’s about freaking time… NYC trip!

  1. What a fun trip! I am sorry you had the cut the run short and had a migraine though!

    I bet Tracy is a hoot to stay with. She seems so fun and real!

    And how did I miss that place?! DUH!!!

    • I know, right?

      Tracy was really awesome! We felt soooo at home at her place (which, you know, might be a bad thing on her point of view…)

      • I just get around to checking in on the comments, and you guys are paying me the most fantastic compliments ever! Carla, it was awesome having you guys – seriously , thank you for coming – and Kim, you two are more than welcome to stay with us for a few days if you get tired of Queens on your next visit and want to see how we uptown folk do it!

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