Wednesday Run

Gosh, whoever complains of time change hasn’t dealt with running after work in the dark for weeks!

I wish I had brought my camera, but I had no idea that I would in fact be running in full light the whole way.  I missed it!  And I get to see the trail again before I leave town!  Next week, I’m definitely taking my camera out and taking shots of the Mt. Vernon Trail, my usual route on Wednesday runs!

Not many people came out today, less than a dozen, probably because they were predicting rain for most of the week, but instead we got a nice sunny day with weather in the lower 60’s and just a great day for a run!  I tried to tag along with Kristy for the most part, but she got super speedy since she started marathon training (her first full is this Sunday!), and sadly I just couldn’t keep up!  I ended up running with Kelly, though I was running out of breath while chitchatting (literally huffing and puffing), and she was doing just fine.

We finished the 40 minute run (it’s taper week, after all!) with a 10:59 mile pace.  My fastest run since the Veteran’s Day 10k, when I ran faster than that, while running twice as long and with a fever!  (And let’s not forget my 10 miler at a 10:07 pace in October…)

It’s really devastating to see how much endurance I lost with those months of injury.  On the bright side, my gross toenail didn’t bother me a bit.  Good thing I cut it off, even if it kills sandal weather for me.


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3 responses to “Wednesday Run

  1. I have not been doing evening runs, but am excited to get back out there in the daylight. I wish I was running in DC with you! 🙂

  2. I’ve been on that trail… many times. My dad, brother, and I would bike it as a kid. Pretty trail.

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