Pictures of a 11.5 Mile Run…

I hate these countdown posts, when I realize that a month from today I’ll be flying out of DC.  Not forever, but I won’t be back for two years.  TWO YEARS!

So I’m trying to bring my camera out for runs whenever I can.  I need to remember these trails I’ve ran on for so long.

Right now, I should be on my way to VA Beach, to run my last half marathon before I move — it’ll be my 5th half-marathon!  (And hopefully not the last!)  I ran the Shamrock Half Marathon last year, and loved it!  I’m glad I get to run it once more.  When I PR’d at the VA Beach Rock n Roll Half last September, my goal was to run Shamrock in 2:15.  If you been following along, you know that my injuries took a hit on my endurance, and there’s no way in hell I can keep that pace.  My new goal?  To hopefully make it faster than I ran it last year, which was 2:37.  That is all…  Considering the little time I had to train for this, I have no clue if even THAT is possible.

Last Saturday, instead of tapering, I was still trying to catch up to my training mileage, and I had a great 11.5 mile run around DC, on my favorite route, from Roosevelt Island to the National Mall.  Hugi, Kathy and Sarah tagged along!

Again, I forgot to take a picture of the Island (boo!), but I’ll make sure to get to that one of these days!  We ran up Rosslyn, past the Iwo Jima and the Arlington Cemetery (pretty much the same route as the other Saturday, just a much longer run) and into the Mall.  After passing the reflecting pool, which is still closed for construction, we approached the World War II Memorial…

Then we took a quick pee break by the Washington Monument, taking advantage to snap some shots…

I posed with Hugi, former-coworker, current friend and running buddy!

Once we got back to running, Hugi and Sarah were having a much easier time than Kathy and I, and were ahead of us for the rest of the run.  You can tell that I took some pictures while running (see blurry ones), and I stopped to take others (yay for the non-blurry runs), but that meant they got even further away!

Again with the “holy crap what is wrong with her chin?” self-portrait while running.  But the Washington Monument is behind my head.  Needed to post this, since it’s one of the many spots I now take for granted.

Approaching the Capitol…

Stopping to catch a picture of Kathy, Sarah and Hugi running towards the Capitol.  When the weather doesn’t suck, DC is really pretty…

You can see Sarah and Hugi are getting further and further away!

My turn to be in the picture while Kathy plays photographer!

Switching places!  Kathy looks fast!

After all this fooling around, you can barely see the girls all the way up ahead, on the left of the trail…

Right in front of the Capitol…

I really really really need a tan.  And need to wash my hair.  And lose those 10lbs I gained post-wedding.

Going around the Capitol…

Into the other neighborhoods of DC.

We turned back around and we are heading back!

The Capitol from the other side!

Going back to the Washington Monument.  Tourists are starting to come out!  (Ugh.)

Yes, there’s a Carousel at the National Mall.  I guess it keeps the kids from getting bored?

Approaching the World War II Memorial again…

We can see the Jefferson Memorial at the other side of the Tidal Basin!

World War II Memorial…

Crossing over the Memorial Bridge…

Back in Rosslyn!

The Iwo Jima Memorial, and for those of you who have run (or are planning on running) the Marine Corps Marathon, this is also the finish line of the marathon.

And from here, we headed back into Rosslyn and the Roosevelt Island (downhill!).  Kathy and I completed 11.5 miles, while Hugi kept going strong and ran a half marathon distance during that time!  She is also running the Shamrock Half this weekend — it’s her first!  I have a feeling she’ll kick some butt!

Fingers crossed I can at least run on Sunday at the same pace I ran a year ago, pre-marathon training…


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10 responses to “Pictures of a 11.5 Mile Run…

  1. no wonder you love DC! It’s gorgeous!! I’m sure you’ll miss it.. but 2 years really isn’t that long! 🙂 I hope your half goes well!! I’m sure you’ll rock it! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous place to run! It beats my flat land, wind, and no trees any day!

    Good luck in your half!!

  3. Beki

    My first time in DC will be in a little under two weeks when I do the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile! After seeing all these pictures, I’m even MORE excited than I already was!!!!!

    • Beki, I shouldn’t tell you then how I feel about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler… You won’t be able to appreciate the view — you’ll be too concerned of running over people and people pushing you. Try to get a (super-early in the morning) run before/after the race if you’re here extra days. You’ll avoid the huge crowds and really be able to enjoy the scenery!

      • Beki

        I’m ok with the crowds, I’m REALLY slow so the atmosphere is almost always a great motivator for me! Plus, I’ve done several Disney races and those are ridiculous, I’m almost immune to crowds now haha! Luckily I’ll be in town for a couple days, so I will get some sight-seeing in!

        • If you’re my pace, you’re welcome to come run with me! I don’t think anyone else my pace is running (Hugi is, but I can no longer keep up with her…)

          • Beki

            I _WISH_ I was at your pace! I’m considering running with my mace so I can use it on the sweepers, I figure that’ll buy me a little time before getting picked up for not making pacing requirements! (ok, so I’ve been managing a 13:58 pace on most of my long runs, but that’s still cutting it VERY close!)

            When I say slow, I mean it! =-)

            • Yikes, you’re cutting it close! (I think you need to finish with a 14 min/mile average, no?) Don’t let the sweepers get to you! I hate to say this, but maybe start a couple of corrals earlier just to get a head start? Tons of people do that, and I hate them for it, because it blocks our way later when they’re walking, but heck, you won’t be the only one…

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