Puppy’s first weekend at the beach!

We went to VA Beach this weekend to run the Shamrock Half Marathon — my second to last race before I leave DC!

I decided to bring Lily along, and she had her first weekend at the beach!  Don’t get me wrong, VA Beach is no Rio, but it was fun nonetheless.  I rode with Jen on Friday morning, and Karl drove after work that day.  We didn’t plan this well though…  It ended up being an 85 degree day down at the beach, we really should have left super-early in the morning, and enjoyed a whole day there.  Instead, we arrived around 2pm, hit the expo (with Lily in her travel carrier — I want her to get used to the looooong travel we have a month from now), checked in to the hotel, and then we walked over to the beach.

(By the way, those of you with pets:  La Quinta Inn allows you to have up to two pets in your room, no size restrictions, and they don’t charge a pet fee at all!)

Tomorrow, I’ll post my half marathon race report.  Today, I’ll just show some beach pictures, and lots of puppy love instead.

I LOVE my flipflops!

(Yes, I’m in desperate need of a tan.)

(She just goes and climbs on you, making herself comfortable.  I can see this getting really old when she’s 15lbs!)

A month from today, we will no longer be in DC, or in the US for that matter.  We will be officially landing in Manila, literally losing a day out of our lives (we take off from San Francisco late morning on March 20, and arrive in the Philippines late night on March 21st).  Time is flying by!!!  There’s still SO much to do!




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5 responses to “Puppy’s first weekend at the beach!

  1. Karrie

    Awesome flip flops!!! What kind are they??? Love your puppy too!! What a cutie!!

  2. Karrie

    OMG!! That is awesome!! I think I’m going to get the “cookie loves milk” ones! LOL!! Only because I can’t find any like yours! I love the style you have! So cute!!! Thanks so much for the info!! Can’t wait to hear about your race too!!

  3. I saw your comment on Sarah’s blog. We live in Manila and have a 3 year old Westie. If you want to set up a doggie play date, once you arrive and settle, let me know!

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