Testing out Windows Live Writer

The Shamrock Half Marathon race report to come tomorrow…  Today, I’m testing out Windows Live Writer, to see how this works on the blog.

It was a recommendation of Julie, from Peanut Butter Fingers, and it’s supposed to make posting things like pictures a LOT easier.  And since I don’t want to write up a whole damn post full of pictures to just find out if there’s a bug, a little short post is in order.

But of course, I’ll still talk about this weekend.  There were tons of us at VA Beach, and if my count is correct, we had 18 people out at dinner to carbo load the night before.  We went to Pi-zzeria, which was the same place we had visited during the RnR VA Beach Half last year.

Well, see all our smiling faces spread across all these tables?



Yeah, that didn’t last long…  We waited over 2 hours (2 hours!!!) for our food, after waiting an hour to be seated (they wouldn’t let us make a reservation).  I’ll take the wait to be seated, fine, but then that long for food?  We would see people on tables around us getting seated, eating, paying their bill and leaving, while none of us were being fed.  We didn’t get back to the hotel, 5 minutes away, until 10pm.  The night before an early wake-up call for a race.  Ugh.

Finally both sets of group complained to the manager who apologized for the back up and said that our check would be discounted.  We finally got our food – my Greek Pasta was delicious, but Angela’s was missing the black olives, while Ashley’s was missing the artichokes (the three of us had ordered the same thing).  Kathy’s cheese pizza was burned at the crust, but the cheese wasn’t fully melted.

When our check came, we had separate bills for each of the tables since it was different waiters.  For all of us at the bottom picture, our total came out to $23.  Yep, 23 bucks.  We even called the waiter to make sure it was right, since no one got billed for their pasta, and even then the check had a 50% discount, and he assured that it was, due to the delay.  Karl and I gave whatever 50% of our check was going to be to the tip tab (because even though the waiter lacked in being proactive and apologizing for the delay, the kitchen back up wasn’t really his fault, and 2.5 hours at his table means a lot of tips he was losing from the lack of turnover), and everyone else did mostly the same.

So, though the food was good, the kitchen couldn’t handle the crowd, despite having the space for it…  But the check came out so deeply discounted (I was expecting 10%, or free drinks, not something like 23 bucks for 10 people), that I would give the place another try.  Just don’t go there with a large group…

(Clicking “post” while crossing my fingers that this whole Live Writer shebang worked!)

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