Uh, yeah, so I’m running another half marathon this weekend…

I had a chance at a bib, and I took it.  And now it looks like I’m running the National Half on Saturday. 

Logo Banner Updated 2Yep, 6 days after running the Shamrock Half, 8 days before running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I’m running another half marathon.

I think I have a problem.  And that problem is?  I want more medals.  No, seriously.  Jen lovingly calls it being a “medal-whore” and I think she’s right.  If the stars align she might even join me on Saturday, but as of now, my slow ass will be running the streets of DC (and there are HILLS, people, HILLS) alone.  (Unless there is another soul out there, that runs my pace, reading this who is running it too?)

If you read the description of the course on the website it actually sounds very interesting.  Let me tell you this from someone who has been here 7 years (that’s almost native on these parts):  the course is crap.  Sure, you run a bit on the National Mall, that’s only a couple of miles out of 13.  At least it’s not the whole marathon — those running the marathon run through Anacostia!  Anacostia people!  That’s the place that if you get lost there, in the middle of the day, you start praying that you don’t get robbed.  Or killed.  We stay AWAY from Anacostia, not run in it.  (Luckily, the half does not go there.  Hitting Anacostia on those late miles when there’s nothing to see?  Those of us who have run the Marine Corps Marathon can attest to it:  boring Hains Point still beats the crap out of that.  At least it’s pretty on Hains Point.  And there are no daily homicides there.)Marathon Run DC Image

All complaints aside, it really is the only half-marathon (and marathon, for that matter), in DC.  Marine Corps starts and end in Arlington, VA, so it’s not considered a DC race.

My friends who ran it last year, hated this race.  And yet, here I am running it.  That medal better be worth it!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who runs races just to get more medals?


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12 responses to “Uh, yeah, so I’m running another half marathon this weekend…

  1. I did this race a few years ago and the half course wasn’t so bad. The full seems awful…I mean seriously…Anacostia?!

    I liked the parts of the half near Howard because there was good crowd support from the college kids. It’s fun running near the monuments, but yea there are a lot of hills.

  2. Ha ha, you crack me up! I love gettting medals too 🙂 Have fun at the race! I hope the course is okay!

  3. Jennifer

    Hey! If your friend needs a bib I’ve got an extra!! Good luck this weekend! You’ll do great!

  4. Cat

    Hahaha! You’re not the only one. I ran the Shamrock Marathon on Sunday and am trying to resist accepting a friend’s offer of a bib for the National Marathon. It is all about the bling!

    The National marathon/half marathon is really not bad. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I liked it when I ran it in 2008. Not the best race ever, but not the worst.

    • Hahaha, do it!

      As long as it’s not worse than the Zooma Annapolis, then I can handle it! Plus, it’s no longer meant to be raining on Saturday, which helps 🙂

      • Cat

        I havent’ done Zooma but now I am warned.

        I’d love to run with you some time. I can run 9 min/miles or 15 min/miles…just as long as I cover the distance. I’m curious to see how you run and take all of these great pictures at the same time. 🙂

        Have a great time on Saturday! The year I ran it was pitch black at the start; that took me by surprise.

  5. I am all about the bling too sister. Enjoy it and good luck! I would like to do more if only I had the time!

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