Shamrock Half–Official Pictures

I’ll post the race report for the National Half later this week (it was so bad, I’m not ready to relive it yet – I’m still miserable), but for now, the official pictures from the Shamrock Half!

Shamrock Half Marathon 1

Shamrock Half Marathon 2

They only got a couple of me, and only these two I’m even ok with…  Karl, meanwhile, got snapped a bunch of times!

Karl 10

Notice his facial expressions…  Priceless!  Is it wrong that I still think he is cute and adorable even when he’s grimacing?

Karl 8

Karl 5

Karl 7

Karl 4

Karl 6

Karl 9

Karl 11

Karl 12

And then he finally finished it…

Karl 1

Karl 2

Karl 3

As of now, really only the Chicago photographers have managed to get ok pictures of me!


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3 responses to “Shamrock Half–Official Pictures

  1. aw! you two look great in your green!

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