Are your runs a “journey”?

I’m not inspired today — my apartment looks like it imploded, and I have crap all over the place.  And did I mention I’m leaving to Brazil on Sunday?  And when I come back, a week later, we will move to a hotel that same day and the movers will get here?  And I’m not allowed to pack anything so I have to sort things into piles?  Like what goes in storage?  What comes with us?  What goes by air?  What comes 3 months after we arrive in Manila?  That sort of thing.

Oh, and my passport is at the Embassy of the Philippines, and I kind of need it back because, you know, I’m leaving the country on Sunday?  Can you say “stressed”?

But back to running…  Tracy posted something today that had me cracking up and going “OMG, YES!” (except for her beach comment.  Please ignore that part).

Go there and read it, I’ll wait.

How about you?  Are your runs a journey, or just, you know, a run?


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4 responses to “Are your runs a “journey”?

  1. Funny! Yeah, I’m rarely transformed by my runs. I get ’em done… and frankly, the majority of them hurt. I don’t understand “the zone”… I just understand sucking up pain so you can have the afterglow of a good effort…

  2. Thanks 🙂
    I really thought I was going to offend a bunch of people, but I love that I’m getting positive feedback!!

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