Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Slept badly last night, as my throat was super sore in one side.  Really???  REALLY???  The day before my LAST race in DC and the day before I leave for my vacation to Rio I start getting sick?

The scary part?  I always get a sore throat first, then the other symptoms develop…  Let’s hope it ends here.  Taking oil of oregano, and will be hitting the pharmacy for some Airborne later.

Last year I ran the Veterans Day 10k with the flu, and promised to never do that to myself again.  I don’t think I’ll keep up that promise if I develop a fever by tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


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3 responses to “Oh no, oh no, oh no!

  1. Vita

    Hello. I hope you feel better tomorrow. I am doing the 5K. I actually ran across your blog after googling MarathonFoto. I volunteered today during packet pickup and I am very excited about the race. Take Care

  2. Good luck! Hope everything went well!

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