Our Wedding Video!

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler recap to come soon, at this time, I’m either on my flight or landing in Rio de Janeiro (please tell me I’m not the only crazy person who does a race just hours before taking an international flight?).

It took over 4 months for us to get it, but here is the “best of” – I know, I know, wedding videos are boring, but it’s only 6 minutes long, you get to see me with my hair in the “in between” stage of styling (Karl even said “good thing I didn’t see that the day of!”), you see me acting like an idiot saying “my shoes!” while holding my bouquet (that’s what you get when your videographer is Brazilian and thinks it’s appropriate to cut the “it matches my shoes!” statement since it doesn’t mean anything to him).  You also see Ted, Karena’s (Karl’s sister) husband giving us some funny advice that got cut short for the “best of” so it sounds like he is dead serious with his mumbo-jumbo.

And the party?  Well, you can see it’s a PARTY!  (And I know “I Gotta Feeling” is overplayed — but you can’t have a wedding in 2010 and NOT have that song, no?)

And without further ado…

Carla and Karl from Leo Goifman Vídeo Produções on Vimeo.


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12 responses to “Our Wedding Video!

  1. What a cute video! You’re right that it is funny when you yell out, “My shoes!” I remember noticing your shoes from the photos, but they look WAY more amazing in the video – what awesome shoes!!

  2. What a great wedding and video! You can see it on everyone’s faces that they all had a wonderful time!

  3. This was really awesome… made me a bit emotional… looks like an amazing amazing day! I wanna party like a Brazilian!

  4. aww, it’s great! thanks for sharing it! you looked SO happy! 🙂

  5. yay!!! love your video! so cute! 🙂 Now I REALLY can’t wait until my wedding!! lol

  6. Jen

    That wedding video certainly isn’t boring! It’s the perfect little snippet of the day. Thanks for posting. It’s a different perspective than the photos. Loved it!

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