Blob terrifies beachgoers of Rio

I still have not run in Rio yet, but here we are towards the end of my week in Brazil…  I have, OF COURSE, taken advantage of the beach, but I have to say that vanity is getting the best of me.  Because last time I was here, I was still not skinny but I looked like this on my beach pictures…


(Thanks to my friend Nikki for the picture.)

Skinny?  No.  But tanned and while still jiggly, definitely not as jiggly as now.  My legs were toned despite still having thunder thighs, and I had a defined waist (well, I haven’t completely lost it, except it looks like I swallowed a melon…  A soft squishy melon).

Just the fact that I allowed myself to be photographed in a bikini (instead of “shoulders and above only!”) is HUGE.

Now?  I am pale, fatter and just blah.  I walk and everything bounces along.  My bikini doesn’t fit me nearly as well, and I have to keep adjusting so that the tatas don’t pop out.

Now when I go to the beach, I look like this…  (minus the sailor outfit, of course…)

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

See, not nearly as attractive.  Or confident.

Fingers crossed that I can get back to my pre-wedding/ honeymoon/ injury body by the end of the year.  (Let’s ignore the fact that the Brazil trip is not helping:  all you can eat pizza, sushi and Brazilian BBQ?  I’ve hit all three…)


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4 responses to “Blob terrifies beachgoers of Rio

  1. Carla, I’m sorry you’re not feeling the best about yourself right now. You’ve had so many changes over the past few months so you need to give yourself a break. 🙂

    • Ah, thanks Jill! It makes me a slower runner, uncomfortable in my clothes, and feeling blah overall. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m in 80 degree weather, showing more skin and unable to wear the clothes I wore on my last trip!

  2. Enjoy your last days in Brazil and DC… things are too chaotic. As soon as you are settled in Manila and have your life back in order, you’ll be back to taking control… it’s so so so hard when there’s so much going on and unsettled… you’ll never regret ENJOYING this time before you say good-bye! And you’re still gorgeous, regardless.

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