Sony Walkman–Review and Giveaway

Et tu?


I bet you have been reading about the Sony Walkman W Series all over running blogs lately.  If you wanted to win one and just haven’t had the luck – here is another chance!

I was given a Sony Walkman to review, and two to giveaway!  It took a while until I had a run without company, where I could try out these babies, but finally for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler last weekend, I knew I’d be running mainly alone and thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

You probably noticed when looking at my pictures that I was sporting what look like a bluetooth on my ears…


Unless you have been living under a rock these last few weeks, you already figured it out that I was using the new Sony Walkman.  I rarely get to run with music, as I’m usually one to run with people and chat the whole time, but with my upcoming move to Manila, I know that I better start getting used to solo runs, at least at first, until I get to know other runners in town.  And music during solo runs always help!

I actually had been curious about this Walkman for some time now.  We saw them at the VA Beach Rock n Roll expo, and have been talking about them ever since, but it’s hard to believe their “no bounce” claim without being able to take them for a spin.

I was super excited to get them.  They’re pretty small and compact, and the best part?  No wires!!!  You just put them behind your head, put the loops behind your earlobes and place the headphones inside your ear.  Amy took a picture of me wearing them during the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler that shows pretty much how they’re placed on your head.  (Yes, I was taking a picture while running, it’s no wonder I never get faster…)


When not in use, the ends are held together by a magnet, but there is a plastic case for storage, to make sure they stay put.


As the magnets are touching, the unit stays off.  Once you take them apart (like when you put them over your ears), the Walkman turns on.


There are only a few small buttons, so they are simple to use.  The buttons are on the bottom side of the player, as the headphones sit on your ear.  At first, it was a little awkward figuring out what is play, skip, etc, since you can’t see where everything is located, but since there are just a few buttons, really quickly you get used to where everything is placed, and it becomes pretty simple to change songs and adjust the volume.


I gave a quick glance at the instruction manual, hooked them up to my computer with the provided USB cord, and a few minutes later, I had over 300 running songs uploaded to my Walkman.

There are two ways to transfer music, including playlists:  you can use the provided software to connect it with your iTunes, or you can take an even easier route:  drag and drop songs from your computer to the “Walkman” folder, and you’re all set!  It fits 2GB worth of music, a 3 minute charge provides 90 minutes of playback and a full charge gives you 11 hours worth of of playtime.  Sure, 2GB is nothing compared to my 16GB ipod Nano, but since I’m only using the Walkman for exercise, and it only takes seconds to switch out songs, it’s really plenty of storage.

I know, I know, those stats mean nothing if you’re going to be fidgeting with your headphones the whole way.  My biggest surprise?  THEY NEVER BOUNCED.  No, really, NOT ONCE.  I put them on, and would only touch them again to change songs or adjust the volume.  I didn’t have to move them around, or worry that they would fall off.  They never even shifted out of place!  Did I mention I ran 10 miles??

And the sound quality?  SPECTACULAR!  I was really surprised! 

They really have no frills as far as gadgets go, but you can set songs to shuffle and there’s a “zappin” feature that makes up for the lack of screen:  you press and hold the play button, and the player will play a bit of the chorus of each of your songs.  When it reaches the song you want to hear, you just press play again and voila!  No need to keep pressing skip, skip, skip to find the right song.  And when I hit my wall at mile 7 at the Cherry Blossom, you bet I used that feature.  (The song that I ended up playing?  “Blow” by Ke$ha.  I never claimed to have good taste when it comes to music to keep me running…)

It is also water and sweat resistant.  Since I haven’t run in the rain, I didn’t test this out yet, but I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of chances to confirm this in Manila (I’ve been warned that the rainy season there is from May-November…  Fun times).

I really loved this player.  And no, I’m not just saying that because I scored a free one to review.  The biggest proof?  I brought it to Brazil with me, gloated about it to my mom, who promptly KEPT IT (the nerve!), so Karl and I bought two more (one for me, one for him, of course)!   We couldn’t wait, as we didn’t want it to chance them arriving during the one week we’re in limbo – not living in DC, not yet in Manila.  Looks like they’re being delivered tomorrow, so they’ll be waiting for us when we get back from Brazil.

If you don’t win the giveaway and want to buy a Walkman for yourself (or to give as a gift), click on this link from Sony, made specially for runners, to score it for only $48.99, instead of the original price of $59.99.  (We got free shipping too through the link, but I’m not sure if it’s for everyone, or if it’s because we bought two.)   Though even without the sweet 18% discount, the player is still pretty cheap.

My only beef with it?  It’s pretty ugly.  No, really, it is.  I googled them today, and found an old article about them that has this picture, and I pretty much drooled…


Since the article was from 2009, I have no idea if Sony plans on selling the other colors in the US eventually, but I’m totally wishing I could have bought a pink or a yellow one for myself, instead of the very-bluetooth-look-a-like black player.

Have you tried the Sony Walkman W Series yet?  What do you think of them?

And most importantly…  Do you want to try them?  I have two to giveaway – I’ll leave the comments open until Sunday night, and on Monday, after I land back in DC, I’ll use to pick two winners.

What do you have to do to win?

1. Let me know what is your one FAVORITE song to run to.  (Heck, if you can’t pick just one, feel free to share more!)  I can always use more ideas!

2. Follow me on networked blogs on Facebook (see link on the top right) and leave a comment saying you did so, or leave a comment if you’re already a follower (+1 entry)

3. Post this giveaway on your blog with a link here (+1 entry)

This is only open to those who live in the US – since I just can’t deal with mailing this internationally while I’m in mid-move, so US priority mail it is!


I received a free player to review and no monetary compensation.  The opinions here are all my own.


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48 responses to “Sony Walkman–Review and Giveaway

  1. Nikki

    My favorite song to run to…. hmmm.. well there is one that makes me go faster for about 30 seconds and then because I’m a turtle I go slow again. It’s the first track off an old techno CD I’ve had for 10 years. I have no idea what it’s called. The DJ was Oakenfold, or something like that. I also have about 20 different Army & Marine Running cadances dispersed in my playlist. For the past few months every since I started running over 6 miles I’ve been listening to audio books while I run. It’s the onlything that keeps my mind busy and keeps me from getting board.

    2) I think I already do follow you, but I’ll go click the link again.

    3) I don’t have a blog, can I post the link of facebook? Does that count?

  2. Jen

    OK. Might as well enter since my partner is moving to Manila…

    1. Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, and to cross the finish line-Enter Sandman (Metallica). I’m a Hokie. What can I say…

    Nikki- I have thought about audio books- I love them for driving. Just have not figured out how to do it in iTunes. Hmmm.

    2. I do.

    3. Not sure I can figure out how to post from my phone but I will try!

  3. 1.) I really like Ever Fallen in Love by Pete Yorn as a running song. It’s upbeat, not too complicated, and usually makes me pick up my pace just a smidgen.
    2.) Followed you!
    3.) Blogged about the giveaway here –

  4. Amanda

    1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Easily (song #7 on Californication CD).

    2. I do!

    3. I don’t have a blog.

  5. Allison

    1) Black Eyed Peas – Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night
    2) yep!
    3) no blog

  6. Kayla

    1. “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim …in fact, most of their fast paced, techno-ish music is awesome for running. Also, I type this somewhat embarrassed, but Cher’s “Song for the Lonely” gets me moving.

    2. Following.

    3. I don’t have a personal blog.

    Happy running and g’luck with your upcoming move!

  7. Katie

    I have entire playlists on my iPod based on BPM (I’m crazy like that), so it’s hard for me to pick one song. I like to warm up to Calabria by Enur and when I’m feel faster, Still Running (hehe, get it?) by Chevelle.

    BTW, don’t feel too bad about Ke$ha… She may be a terrible musician, but her “songs” have a great beat!

  8. Valerie

    The Walkman looks awesome. I hate headphones for running so this is an intriguing concept. My favorite song that always gives me an extra boost is Hey Ya.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your running adventures in Manila.

  9. Blair

    1. Anything by The Black Keys of course!!
    2. Following!
    3. I should have a blog, but I don’t.

  10. leah

    My fav song is still the Rocky Theme.. I know its totally overdone but STILL it gets me pumped up every single time!!

  11. Amber

    1. Favorite running song: hmmmmm totally lame and old school: Dancing Queen, and Black Eyed Peas
    2. Already Following you.
    3. I don’t have a blog….. does facebook count?

  12. leah

    Oh and following you now!

  13. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure song, but I like to work out to “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson.

  14. Oh, and I’m following you on Networked Blogs!

  15. 1. I like listening to Maroon 5, Harder to Breathe for the irony in that the harder I run, the harder I am breathing!
    2. Done.

  16. My current favorite song to run to is Sweet Child of Mine!

  17. Current fave song = Brick by Boring Brick…Paramore

  18. and following you!

  19. Jen

    1. Bombs Over Baghdad, Outkast & just about any Linkin Park song
    2. Just followed!
    3. I don’t have a blog

  20. Nikki

    ok you said on facebook to comment for each of the three things…. which were all listed in the first, but so here is number 2.

    I followed you on the network blogs thingy, though I have no idea what that actually did or changed.

  21. Nikki

    …and #3 I posted your link as a status on facebook, as I do not have a blog, and I’m pretty sure it would be a waste of my time to start one because, well no one would give a crap about my slow ass, may as well be walking runs, or my oh so amusing afterwork activities such as wasting time on facebook, bitching about things I read on facebook, complaining about how slow I run on facebook, and drinking cheap wine while yelling at people on facebook.

  22. Tab

    I’m not entering the giveaway…
    I just wanted to say thanks for the review and info. I have one of the first Sony Walkman mp3 players(a little round thing that fits in your palm) and had long outgrown it. I will definitely have to check this one out! I love the wireless feature!

  23. Vinuta

    I love Streetcar Symphony by Rob Thomas. When I ran the NYC Marathon in 2006 that was my finale song as I crossed the finish line! 🙂

  24. Ah, you know me, I don’t do music while I run, but I want some back-up for shorter runs around my neighborhood or for runs on the home treadmill… but I think I’d have to put a little Pink on there.

  25. Clicked the networked blogs link and clicked follow (although I am already subscribed to your post e-mails)!

  26. Heading over to my blog to give you a linkety link!

  27. Nicole

    Favorite running songs: Remember the name (Fort Minor); Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield); She Wants to Move (Nerd)

  28. Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” always miraculously comes on when I need it most.

  29. I’m following you 🙂

  30. ~K~

    Entry 1) My fav song to run to is “Light Up the Sky” by The Afters
    Would love to win these! My $10 Family Dollar Store mp3 player just ain’t cutting it! 😉

  31. Bridget

    Just about anything by Kayne West gets me in the running mood.

  32. AllieCat

    I usually listen to anything by Shinedown or Matbox20! I’m kinda behind the times…..

  33. AllieCat

    I posted this on my Facebook as I dont’ have a blog…..yet. 🙂 Starting to work on it though….

  34. Manden

    Eminem: lose yourself. (from 8 mile)

  35. I just became a networked blogs follower of your blog!

  36. Okay, this is going to make me sound like a loser, but my favorite thing to listen to is This American Life (podcasts courtesy of NPR). But after that… upbeat music. Eye of the Tiger is a favorite, loads of Britney Spears songs. “There’s too much love” by Belle & Sebastian always gets me going.

  37. Runak

    most anything by the black eyed peas and I have become a network blog follower of your blog on facebook.

  38. Begered

    I am a network blog follower. I like to listen to anything with a fast beat when I run.

  39. Jessica Imamura

    My favorite song to run to is My Chick Bad by Ludacris. It definitely makes me feel like a bad a** when I run. Haha!

  40. Jessica Imamura

    I am a follower! I have actually been reading your blog for awhile and love it. 😉

  41. I have so many to choose from, but one of my absolute favorites is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

    PS, I’m a FS wife too. We’re heading to Guinea in August (our first overseas assignment). Good luck with your move!

  42. Carrie

    I have a very wide range of running music, but two of my favorites are anything by Britney (no shame) and the Rocky IV soundtrack. Also, I just became a follower!

  43. Manden

    following you on Facebook too! 🙂

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