WINNER: Sony Walkman Giveaway

I landed back in the US (and DC) just a couple of hours ago, but I knew that I had to finally give away the Sony Walkman if I have any hopes on putting that in the mail this week.

So I settled into my laptop, counted and recounted the comments (turns out I have 43 comments – I did not count the comments that were in reply to what someone else said), and off I went to

Before I get to the winners, I want to thank everyone who participated!  I sent an email to my running group as well, telling them to comment, and I was secretly hoping one of them would win.  But because I think picking a winner just because I know them, is the same thing as stealing, it was.

And guess what?  The first winner was comment #20. 


I went down the list counting the comments and read this:


Hold on, facebook?  Yep, turns out one of my friends actually won it!  (No kidding!)

Then I went back to and generated a number again.  And got this:


Wait, what???  Comment #20 again?  Uh, yeah, no.  As much as she technically won this fair and square twice, sorry Nikki, you’re not going home with two new Walkman.

So back to, and this time I finally got a different number (but looks like it’s liking the “20’s” today):


Back to manually counting, because I’m so high-tech like that, and the winner is Abby, with this comment:


So Nikki and Abby, I’ll be emailing you to arrange the details – Abby, make sure to send me your address so I can put this in the mail before the movers get here and take all my possessions away!

Oh, and though their running song comment was not the winning comment, what are their songs of choices when running?

Comment 3

Comment 4

Thanks everyone for participating!  I also got home to find the two Walkman I ordered for myself and Karl waiting for us in the mail Smile

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One response to “WINNER: Sony Walkman Giveaway

  1. nikki

    I’m on a roll! First a year’s supply of Regen and now this! The running gods must smile on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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