Leaving in a jetplane…

We’re currently in San Francisco in the Argonaut Hotel, probably the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed at!  We’re staying here too short of a time, and my day was mostly wasted on taking it easy, and taking naps.  Turns out moving tires the crap out of you so much, that napping trumps sightseeing.  Yes, I feel like an old lady.

I even had plans to run from our hotel to the start of the Golden Gate Bridge, but the day flew by before I had a chance to do anything, and by then, the fog had taken over the bridge and you couldn’t see a thing.  I did have lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years, so I think my time here was worth it, even if I do need to come back to truly feel like I have in fact properly visited San Francisco!

The flight here was a bit of a nightmare…  We got stuck in horrendous traffic on our way to the airport, only to get there and our tickets be messed up — they wanted to charge us $120 for our bags, as couldn’t see Karl’s premier status on the computer, OR that we were continuing over to an international location.

Finally, the agent manually fixed it, only for me to notice that she checked us in ALL THE WAY TO MANILA.  Ignoring the day and a half we were spending in San Francisco.  Luckily, I saw the luggage tag just in time — not having any of our stuff here with us (because remember, we don’t get a carry on because of the pets) would have been horrible.  Specially, not knowing if we would ever get it back if it arrived in the Philippines 2 days before we do.

All in all, it took them an hour to check us in, at least.  Then it was another forty minutes crossing airport security, then waiting for the stupid terminal bus at Dulles Airport.  Finally, we caught our flight mid-way through boarding (when we were supposed to have arrived at the gate with plenty of time to relax and eat something — we hadn’t had a thing since breakfast, and our flight was at 5:15pm).

Though the plane boarded on time, it took them forever to finish boarding, then we sat at the around for a while waiting for our turn to take off, leaving half an hour late.

Lucas meowed the WHOLE TIME, breaking my heart.  I mean, it’s not like he knows what’s going on…  Lily, however, slept the whole trip.

We finally landed, only to get to the baggage claim and hear the announcement that it was broken, but the mechanics were working on it.  Another 20-30 minutes went by…

I guess at the end, it could have been worse by them losing our stuff or us completely missing our flight, luckily that didn’t happen.

I ended up having quite a few of these tonight…

Fingers crossed that tomorrow, everything goes smoothly.  Karl has meetings at the airport, and since I have the pets, we figured it’s best if I go there a bit later (he’s leaving the hotel at 6am, our flight is not until noon).  We had enough miles to upgrade our tickets to business first, which will certainly makes us much better rested when we land in Manila!

The weirdest part?  Not only we spend about 17 hours in flight tomorrow, but we leave San Francisco at noon on Wednesday, to arrive in Manila (after a 1.5 hour layover in Tokyo) at 11pm on Thursday.  Yep, POOF!  Just like that, we lose a whole day!

We also FINALLY got assigned our temporary housing, and it’s not near the neighborhood where our permanent housing will be like.  I’m dying to get anything resembling a routine back, but looks like it won’t be until June…

Next time I post, I’ll be doing so from THE FUTURE (we’re 12 hours ahead).  Stay tuned!


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11 responses to “Leaving in a jetplane…

  1. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog while I was researching on Moving Comfort Juno bra and I am wow’d!! What an inspiration you are! 🙂 I just started running about 1.5 years ago after 1 year of circuit training… was never a runner, hated running, swore these boobs were the reason I couldn’t, but that’s all changed and luving it now 🙂 well, on days the sun doesn’t bake me [I’m in Singapore and it’s ALWAYS hot here]. Hope you’ll be back on your feet running again soon, once you’re settled down. Not sure how it goes in Manila, but you should consider flying to Singapore [just a couple hours’ flight I think] for a race – there’s a huge one in Nov, the Singapore Marathon or sometimes known as Standard Chartered Marathon, and to be honest, I don’t even know which one is the official name *hahaa* There are lots of races thru’out the year. Getting ready for Sundown Marathon in May [but I’m only running a 10km since I’m still new at this 😉 ]. Have a safe trip to Asia!!

    • I have yet to be called an inspiration, thanks!!! I had looked into the Singapore Marathon (and I looked into the sundown one too, which is also there), but it’s all dependent on whether I can train while in Manila — we’ll see. So much is up in the air now!

  2. I don’t know how you would feel about this, but when we moved from GA to MD my parents vet told them to give the pets 1 benydril pill. They slept a good 6 hours and we’re more chilled out and less nerotic. The beagel still gets one on holidays because he gets insane with all the people in the house.

    • The vet prescribed it, we got it, and though I can give it to Lily, Lucas foams at the mouth when I give it to him (he prescribed the liquid pediatric one). It’s the weirdest thing…

      Said that, we have 12 hours to Tokyo and another 5 to Manila today. I have to give them another dosage (if I find where we packed the syringe), but heck, I’m not risking putting them back in their carrier mid-flight!

  3. Have safe and easy travels. I hope I can meet you when you get back.

  4. Al

    After how many weeks since I wrote on your blog, decided to visit it again. And wow you’re leaving and you’ll be arriving here on holy thursday night.

    How was your trip? long eh? You’ll be amazed how loose the traffic here when you arrive. Its a holy week and almost everyone (except me and my family) are out of town. Practically, manila is almost a ghost town 🙂 Just be prepared how opposite it will be coming Sunday night.

    Have a nice time here! P.S. Visit Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan. Its very nice!

    If you have questions email me Ill be glad to help!

    • Thanks, Al!

      Yep, I arrive on Thursday night already, and I have been warned that everything will be closed so we won’t even be able to get groceries. Fun times.

      I have been googling images of Boracay at least once a week 🙂

  5. Ahhh I have been out of the loop the last few days! Best of luck and safe (and EASY!) travel!

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