A quick house tour…

As I mentioned before, we are staying in temporary housing at the US Embassy compound.  Definitely not as exciting as our permanent housing in Makati – the financial district where you can find everything just steps from your door.

We were told we got assigned a one bedroom apartment, only to come in and see that it was a 3 bedroom + office.  The place is HUGE…  We are completely isolated from the rest of the world – of course it doesn’t help that we arrived smack in the middle of a 4 day weekend for the Easter Holiday, and EVERYTHING was closed.  Hungry much?  We barely ate anything on Friday…

So this is our temporary housing!  (Please ignore our mess, we had just arrived!)

You walk in from the front door, and face the living room (with the wonderful embassy issued furniture – gosh I wish I brought our couches…)



On one side you find a hallway with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small laundry room…





The rooms have a lot of storage…


Then you have the spacious dining room (recognize the picture frame?)



The kitchen…


The office right off the master bedroom…


Master bedroom…


The master bath…


Main closets (there are lights inside that go on when you open the doors!)


The outside is not very exciting – it’s like living in a military compound, which I have when I grew up in Brazil, except this is much much smaller…


But the best part?


And this morning?  I did this (I removed the goggles for the picture…  Next time, I’ll keep it on since I have no shame!)


No running yet – it’s super hot here, as I expected (my kind of weather!), but no where to run where we’re staying, but I might have to suck it up and become friends with the treadmill for now.  Even the pool was very warm (great for hanging out, not so much for swimming!  I was hot!).

I can’t wait to have a routine back in order…  For now, I have a feeling that a few laps in the pool will be it!


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13 responses to “A quick house tour…

  1. Liz

    Sweet! When do you get to move into your actual apartment? Will it have a pool? I can’t wait to come visit!!

  2. We were in Sea Front for a few weeks. Have you had maids knocking and asking if you hired anyone yet? Word to wise: Sea Front maids make way more than the expat market.

    Good luck with finding a place to run. There are races in the Fort almost every weekend. Go to the running shop at fort bonifacio for details. Oh, and never show up at the American Cemetary on yoga pants lest they accuse you of exercising.

    Good luck!

    • No one has knocked on our doors yet — probably because this place is still deserted due to the holiday. Seriously, everyone seems to be out of town but us and the guards!

      Haven’t been to Fort Bonifacio yet — have to find my way there to find out about race details!!

  3. going back and trying to catch up on your whole story because this sounds like a crazy amazing, wonderful adventure!!

  4. Andrea

    I recognize that furniture! haha!

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  8. Zoe

    I know this is an old post, but I was trying to get a feel for Manila and ran across your blog when we got assigned to Manila last year. Would love to message you regarding Seafront vs. Makati if you don’t mind. Thanks!

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