Life in Manila…

Can you believe I have now been here for over a week?  We’re still in temporary housing, but I found out that it is walking distance to some things, so I have kept myself entertained. 

I have also met another two bloggers!  I met Jessica on Saturday during a dinner with other Consular folks from the Embassy (I had no idea she was going to be there!).  Her cute little daughter, Lindsey, was tired, so they cut the night short, but yesterday morning she was right by my temporary housing, so we chatted for a while and she’s SUPER nice.

Yesterday afternoon, Lily was invited for a play date at Christine’s, who also has a Westie.  Lily played for over two hours, managed to fall in the pool (luckily Christine saw it right on time, so no harm done), while I got to talk to Christine, who is lovely.  Lily tired herself up for the first time, and was in deep sleep the rest of the day.  YES!

On Saturday morning, we went to visit my future neighborhood with Caroline, the funniest Scott I ever met, to shop at the Saturday market…  I didn’t buy much, as I was too lazy to carry stuff, but I can’t wait until it’s just steps from my door…



I couldn’t resist and got one kilo of Jack Fruit…  It was supposed to last me all week, but I’ve been snacking on it non-stop since Saturday, so as of last night, it was gone.  It’s delicious, and reminds me of Brazil.  (Though the kilo was a small fortune, specially for such a common fruit in Brazil and what I think is the largest fruit in the world – since it can be a couple of feet long — it was worth it.)


Our future residence…


The park…


After dumping the stuff at home, we were back out to have my fourth massage since arriving (jealous yet?) at the Zenyu Eco Spa, then we spent a half hour in a hot bed that’s supposed to do a bunch of good stuff to your body, and then we visited this:


What is that?  Well, look closer…




Yep, we hung out at the fish spa, while tiny fish nibbled on our skin leaving it super smooth.  Gross, but so much fun!

After we got out of the spa, we went to explore the place for something to eat.  There wasn’t many options, but we tried a Filipino restaurant, Gerry’s Grill, where I had the worst margarita of my life (I only had a sip before announcing to Karl he had to finish it for me), but the food wasn’t too bad (the coconut fish sticks were actually delicious!).

I think unless a visitor brings me some margarita mix (you can’t ship that DPO, boo!), I will have to accept that it is two years without margaritas.  It’s my second margarita in this country and both times it was disgusting.


We were eating right at the bay, so the view was worth the bad margarita:



When we got home, I picked up Lily so she could play with her new BFF, Cami.  Cami is from Afghanistan, and had unimaginable things done to her as a puppy before being rescued and sent to Caroline, where she is now a spoiled dog. 

Lily met her just the other day, and it was like long-lost sisters…  They play for hours non-stop.



I don’t know what Lily is going to do when we move to our permanent housing, and she will no longer be just a few doors from Cami.  Can you believe how big she is getting?



Sunday we spent the day at the Mall of Asia, but that deserves its own post – I took tons of pictures, because now that I found out that place has a bay front, I just love going there!


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15 responses to “Life in Manila…

  1. looks like you’re somewhat settling in 🙂 It looks beautiful!!
    That fish spa looks interesting lol… I’ve never heard of such a thing! lol… kinda makes me laugh …
    Your pictures of the bay are gorgeous!! So jealous you get such a great view! 🙂

  2. Frances

    Carla, you don’t need a mix for a killer margarit, just tequila, triple sec, and lots of limes. A little agave nectar helps if you can get it, but a simple syrup you make yourself will also do if you like em sweeter (which I do)…
    I’ll get the full recipe from my friend for proportions and you’ll be set!

    • My tequila and triple sec did not make it (boo! The movers were supposed to pack the unopened alcohol, but they didn’t, so it all went to our party), but hopefully I can find it for sale here.

      Yes, give me the full recipe! I don’t know how they make margaritas here, but it doesn’t taste like a margarita…

  3. Liz

    Well, now I know what to bring you when I come visit! You’ll have to take me to the fish spa – it’s on my list of things to do.

  4. You should try visiting other places here in Manila so you wont be distgusted with those Margaritas. lol. I like the fish spa, wanna try it some time. 🙂

  5. clarar0se

    Hi, I’m a Canadian who started reading your blog a while back and I’m actually on a six month internship right now in the Philippines. I’ve been here since February. I just wanted to say, if you ever want a break from Manila you should consider coming up to San Juan, La Union. It’s about 300 km north of manila (takes around 6 hours on the bus) but it’s a really fun place with a nice beach and surfing during the season – there are not many waves now but they should be back by July or August. This is where I’m staying and if you come here, you should contact me!

  6. I have heard of the fish spas… sounds like an interesting and fun experience. Hope you start to feel more “at home” soon.

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  8. Hi there.

    I am Eric Tan mgr of Zenyu ecospa. Glad you liked the fish spa. Hope you tried the negative ion hotbed treatment too.

    Hotel H2O is the only negative ion hotel in the world. We brought in thsi technology from Japan.

    If you need more massages. We do home service too. Be safe with my therapists since they have been with me for so many years. Just call 9962615/17.

    Thanks for sharing Zenyu ecospa to your friends.


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