Second Run in Manila!

I know, I know…  I’ve been here two full weeks as of Thursday night, and I only got two runs in?  No injuries this time, just plain bad planning, and admittedly, some laziness…

I swam on Wednesday, and went a kilometer this time, no energy to go a full mile.  Plus, I need to buy a new one of these, since I packed mine in the regular move — ooops!

I really have a hard time of keeping count without it.  I daydream when I’m swimming…

Anyway, finally on Thursday, I put on my running clothes as soon as I woke up, to force me to get out there.  My plan was to run to the Mall of Asia and back. I had to leave the house at 4pm for a Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour at the Marine House at the Embassy, so I knew I didn’t have all afternoon to do it.  Not knowing if the heat would take a beating on me forcing me to take walk breaks, I really wanted to give myself enough time, plus also allowing me to buy a water there if needed.

Finally, laziness won out…  And instead of running to the Mall of Asia, I went the 100 feet out of my door to the treadmill.  How bad could the treadmill be, right?  (Apparently I have short term memory loss…)

I brought my Five Fingers shoes with me — the first time in a run after almost a year! — and did half a mile with them, before switching to my regular running shoes for another 2.5 miles.  (The one advantage of the treadmill — no need to carry stuff with me.)

Just like the first time, it was grueling.  I don’t know how people can go for miles on end on a treadmill.  It’s all mental for me, I know, but heck, it’s boring.  Then to make the mileage go faster, I forced myself to do sprints at a 7 min/mile pace (only for a tenth of a mile or so each time), which means I was also tired.  Then the hip started hurting again (WTF?).

All in all, I finished the 3 miles, but hated every minute of it.  Next time?  I better get my butt out there and run outside.  It’s overdue.

Today my calves are super sore, blame it on the Five Fingers!

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