I wrote a really depressing post here of how Karl has been having to stay at work late due to last minute stuff given to him (and then walking home arriving with his work clothes drenched in sweat because he leaves at a  time when there are no available cabs), and how I am lonely due to the lack of friends here.

But I decided to delete it.  Because who wants to read that?  And who will want to hang out with me after seeing I’m in a dumpy mood?  And will I really get someone to text me back if I complain that my texts go ignored?

So here it goes.  I need friends in Manila.  It’s depressing not having social interaction with people who are not trying to sell you stuff (one can only go to the mall so many times).

(As a disclaimer, I did get invited to lunch today, but my stomach has been weird, and I think it’ll be safer for all involved if I stay close to home.)

People warned me that I would be bored not working, I said I’d find hobbies.  But even hobbies are more fun with friends!

Here’s hoping that in a few weeks, I’ll get my social life back.  And that this will be the most depressing post of my stay in Manila — things must only get better, right?


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18 responses to “Quiet

  1. Nomads By Nature

    <>. It will get better! Beginnings are just slow sometimes.

  2. Nomads By Nature

    the word ‘hug’ disappeared from the arrows. …
    hang in there!

  3. Kate Murphy

    Oh Carla! Things will get better and thinking about it….you have not stopped for the last few weeks, you have been here and there, had lots to do and organise and now it is all done and you are in Manila, it’s like there is nothing left to plan! You should be so proud of yourself for making the move, so just give it time and a girl like you will have a new exciting life in no time xxxxx

  4. Al

    Don’t worry you’ll find friends in no time! Hang in there.

    Goodluck Carla.

  5. Michelle

    I feel unloved! Geeeeeeeez

    • You need to be an EFM so I have someone to hang out with on the 8 hours of the day you and Karl are working!

      At least when I move (next week, yipeeee!), we can hang out every day after work. To the point we wish we had other friends. We gotta get each other back in shape too. (Or more accurately, me in shape, you in better shape.)

  6. Oh, I feel you. It’s always hard when you move to a new place, and I can’t imagine how much harder it is when you don’t have a job and when the vast majority of people speak a foreign language. You know that things will get better, but in the meantime…

    My advice is to just keep yourself busy, which it sounds like you’re doing anyway. When I moved to Cairo I would give myself little challenges each day, like, “go to this store you read about,” or “run these errands.” Things to get me out of the house and give me something to do so I didn’t just watch endless stupid American sitcoms. At least it’s (I find) much easier to meet people in a foreign country, where you have the “you speak English?” expat instant connection!

    • That’s what I need to start doing — making plans to visit places and follow through with it!

      I think when we move, it’ll be easier, since we will be in a much more central location in town, and it won’t be hard to just go outside and see things. I need to get a cab to take my places and explore!

  7. I’m sorry 😦 I certainly have never been in your position so I don’t have much to offer other than a virtual but I do know that it WILL get better soon!

  8. Hi, new reader here… loving your blog! Sorry to hear that things are kinda rough but I’m sure you’ll make tons of friends soon! 🙂

  9. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to adjust!! Hang in there, and feel free to vent to us!

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