First run to the Mall of Asia!

On Wednesday, I put on my running clothes first thing in the morning, and met up with Jessica for a coffee, then browsed the internet for a bit (we still don’t have internet at home, seeing we’re in temp housing, so I have to drag the computer to the clubhouse – which means I stay there until my battery runs out).

After the battery finally went out, it was time:  I was going to run outdoors for the first time in Manila! 


I was prepared:  I had the distraction of my Walkman, my Garmin on hand, sunglasses, visor…  I was READY for the heat!

And yes, I looked slightly ridiculous…


I didn’t take pictures of the first mile, because half of it is not pretty (quite a few homeless people, I’m afraid), then the other half, I had already posted here, where you see the globe.  And plus, I was lazy (it was sooo hot, oh my god).

I got tired REALLY fast.  The one thing I misjudged?  My tolerance for the heat…  It was sunny, humid and 90 degrees.  My thinking was “Ha, I ran 17 miles in DC the day it was 105 degrees!  I trained for a MARATHON through the DC summer heat which is much more humid than this!”  Remember, I even wrote about running in soup?

All TRUE statements.  My stupidity came when I decided to set off for a run at half past noon, while in DC, I used to start at 6am to beat the heat.

Oh, ooops.

Yes, I only realized that, after I started struggling, at the end of my first mile.

Which means that after a mile, I was forced to walk.  Could I have kept going?  Probably.  But I really didn’t want to get sick on my first time out.  It was my first run outdoors since April 16th, when I had my last run with my running group – that’s almost a month ago!  That day, I covered 5 miles under the cold rain (thanks to Erin for pushing me to finish!).

Today?  I don’t even feel guilty for the walk breaks!  It was THAT hot.  It was a “either walk, or get sick from the heat.”  Yes, I’ll have to do more runs outside to get used to this heat.  And yes, I probably shouldn’t be running at noon on a sunny day, with no shade.

I finally found some shade on the side of the mall, on my way to the boardwalk…  This was it:  only half a block of shade during my whole run.  Ah, it felt so good!


Then finally:  water!


See how there’s barely a shadow under those palm trees?  Yeah, the sun was right on top of me.


Super sweaty a mile and a half into the run!


The start of the boardwalk…  It was isolated!  I barely saw anyone during my time there!


Tons of ships on the horizon…


The rest of the boardwalk…


It was HOT!


All the restaurants were still closed.  And even though we had 3 days of storms last weekend, these trees are not getting enough water… 


You know how tempted I was when I saw that fountain?  I so wanted to frolic in there.  No, I’m not kidding.  I actually stopped to analyze to see if it was worth it.  But come on, I’m not American, but I certainly looked like one.  My husband is a diplomat here representing the US.  Do I really want Americans to get a bad rep because a crazy white girl was jumping in the fountain to cool herself?  I think Karl would kill me.


The statues…  We’re not allowed to step on the grass (I mean, I gave up on the fountain idea, I was not about to be yelled for stepping on grass…), and I was too far to read what the sign says. 


My one hope was to refill my water bottle with fresh coconut water, but the more I ran, the more I got convinced that I was going to have to go into the mall to buy regular water somewhere.  There was nothing open on the boardwalk yet. 

Then, from far away, I spotted the green stand and my heart started beating faster…

And this?  MADE MY DAY.  Fresh COLD coconut water.  They bottle it in front of you.  All for me.  I was all smiles!


I ran/walked all the way to the end of the boardwalk (it’s a mile long), then ran about halfway back before cutting into the streets to start heading home.


All in all, I completed 4.5 miles.  I must have walked about 2 miles.  I don’t care though, it was hot, and my decision to run in the middle of the day was a stupid one, but I went out there.  I was happy!

I got back into the compound with just a little bit left to round up the 4.5 number, so I ran a couple of minutes in there.  Still not one bit of shade to be seen.

And I was done!


It’s official:  when we move next Wednesday, this route is one thing I’m going to miss.  I really like running by the water (hello, my favorite trails in DC are the Mt Vernon, along the Potomac River, and the C&O Canal, along, well, the C&O Canal!). I’m just going to have to find a way to come back.  Except, maybe not at noon.


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7 responses to “First run to the Mall of Asia!

  1. Oh wow, I’m impressed that you survived! Sounds rough.. but at least you got that yummy cold coconut water at the end!

    • Water was midway through the run, which made it even more refreshing! Yeah, the weather was way too hot, but it was nice to be out there (and I felt a bit bad ass, since I was the only person out as well!)

  2. Very impressed that you were running outside at 12pm. I don’t even go outside at 12pm…..let alone run! 😉 Oh – if you need a baby sitter for Lily on the day that you move – just say the word!

    • Between Lily and Lucas, I think I’m just going to lock them into an empty room while the movers are here (I’m more worried about the cat — he’s the sneaky one!).

      I do need to find a sitter for Lily when we go to Bohol, but I don’t think you want a not-yet-trained puppy who eats her own poop and jump in the pool to stay at your place for 4 days, do you?

  3. Al

    Glad you finally started running again…and at noon WOW! I can’t stand the heat at 9 am and you were out at noon! 🙂

    Haha first time I see boardwalk deserted. One might think who’s that crazy girl out in the middle of the day running 🙂

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