Sunday at the Park

Well, after waking up at 3:45am on Sunday to run the 5k, the rest of the day was spent doing a lot of this…


And if you’re wondering, yes, I also took a nap with the stray kitten, who is now eating, finally pooped after 3 days of nothing, is walking around a bit more too(though we usually still keep him in the spare bathroom, until we can test him for any diseases that would be contagious to Lucas). And even better:  he is getting fatter!

Isn’t he adorably though?  So tiny!


At some point, Karl and I realized that we should probably eat lunch, you know, like normal people.  So we made our way to Ayala Triangle Park, only a couple of blocks from us, and found an outdoor café to eat at.  There’s so much green in this park, it’s perfect for Lily!  Too bad it’s such a pain to walk here during the week, because though it’s not far, the street crossings are a challenge with so many cars (all ignoring stop signs, none yielding to pedestrians), and it’s harder to walk carrying Lily.  On weekends, we get there in 5 minutes though!


Of course, Lily came with us, and she behaved spectacularly well, sitting under my seat the whole time.


We started the meal with some incredible drinks.  Like watermelon and green mango (so refreshing!).


And peach and lychee for me! (YUM!)


It was so relaxing sitting outside looking at the trees!



And yes, after our meal (we shared a delicious salad and sandwich), we had to try more of the drinks.  Karl had a pandan lychee buko scramble (pandan is a leaf, and buko is coconut).


I had a mango macapuno (a type of coconut, it seems – yes, I had to google that).  And yes, they were just as delicious as our first two drinks!

I love how the lychee drinks have a whole lychee inside!


Afterwards, we played with Lily in the park, and took pictures, of course.  Remember how just two months ago we were playing with her at the beach and she was still so tiny?  She’s getting so big!  (And yes, I realize I look so big in these pictures too.  WTF, I need to run more!)








Isn’t she adorable?  Ok, you can stop growing now, Lily!



I have a feeling going to the park and eating outside will become one of our weekend routines!


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9 responses to “Sunday at the Park

  1. Nomads By Nature

    Walking to the park with our puppy and getting a meal at the outdoor cafe/restaurant is one of our favorite things to do too! It just feels wonderful to enjoy being outside and people watch. It sounds and looks like you are finding great ways to make your post a home! And that kitten is adorable!

    • This place already feels like home! Probably because it really doesn’t feel like we’re outside the US. It’s basically like living in an US town but with towns of immigrants that don’t speak the language well. Manila is soooo Americanized!

      And yes, the kitten is adorable. I hope I can find him a good home once he’s all healthy and eating solid food!

  2. Liz

    OMG there’s a tiny kitten on your head!!

  3. You DO NOT look big at all. You look gorgeous!

    Lily is so pretty, and the kitten is so dang cute! Makes me want to go out and try to find one… 🙂

  4. I am in love with that kitten of yours. So teeny! And that looks like a great way to spend the afternoon.

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