This was my status update yesterday…


Manila is DEFINITELY spoiling me!  And heck, if the underarm laser hair removal works, you BET my legs are next.  Sure at $115 a pop for each (full) leg, it’s not cheap, but in DC it goes anywhere from $500 to $900 for each session!

So if I finally get myself back into my running and gym routine, I should leave Manila looking younger (yep, got some microdermabrasion done as well this week), relaxed, thinner and hair free.

If all fails, at least I’ll leave Manila spoiled.  Wait.  That’s not really a good thing.

Ah, well, we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes, until then I’ll indulge!


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5 responses to “Indulgence…

  1. Laser hair removal? That is so cool, I want that. Especially if it’s not too pricey!

  2. OMG I wish we could get spa treatments for prices like that around here! So jealous haha!

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