"I read your blog!"

Friday we were out at an event at the Embassy, and one of Karl’s bosses (or more like his boss’ boss — or however you write that), turns to me and says “I’m just going to get this out there:  I read your blog!”

That was a first!  I have never had anyone recognize me because of the blog, and though I have met people through it, like TracyKim, and Meg, it was a mutual arrangement like “You’re running running the Chicago marathon?  Me too!  Let’s meet up!”  This was the first time where someone looked at me and told me they read my blog!

And it made me feel kinda special!  And my first thought was “oh god, I hope I didn’t bitch too much about our temporary housing on the blog!”  (Maybe I did?  I’m afraid to look!)

This weekend was a busy one!  On Saturday after shopping at the outdoor market across the street and loading up on jack fruit again (yum!), Michelle tagged along with us (she has gotten official status of the 3rd wheel, and we joke back that we’re the tricycle, we need the 3rd wheel to function), and we all headed out to cheap (and delicious) sushi, at Seryna, near Makati Cinema Squares (yep, where they sell the super cheap and – illegal — DVD’s).

The lunch special (it’s open on weekends too!) is a great deal, for 350 pesos (about 8 bucks) you get this: 


It’s a lot of food!


Michelle and I had the sushi bento box…


And Karl had the Chirashizushi one.


At night, we hung out with a couple of the interns, plus Michelle and Mimi (yes, we were the creepy old people at the table).  First dinner at People’s Palace, my favorite restaurant so far (the Pomelo Salad and the White Cloud drink are DIVINE).  Then off to Bowler for drinks.  The best part was a guy sitting on a chair karaokeing to us.  He was damn good, which seems to be the rule around here:  Filipinos definitely have a great voice!



See how Karl is still looking good late in the night?  The following day he woke up not feeling too great, but we had a brunch to go to.  There, I met not one but TWO other spouses with no work who are not only willing to run with me, but also to hang out and explore during the day (SCORE!).  One is living near our old temp housing, the other will be moving to our building.  Exciting!



When we got back home on Sunday from the brunch, after hours of socializing, in between bathroom trips he finally let me check his temperature: 103.6!!!  He socialized with a high temperature and stomach issues!

Today, it was off to the health unit to get tested, and he has amoeba (either from the sushi or from the Thai food?  Who knows?  I ate the same thing and I’m fine).  And then he went back to work.  UGH.  Even with a high fever and a stomach infection he is stubborn and refuses to rest.  Men!

While Karl was braving the visa line, Hiva, one of the wives I met came over to Makati for lunch and chitchat – probably the best weekday I’ve had so far since moving to Manila!  Yay for finally making new friends that want to hang out!


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14 responses to “"I read your blog!"

  1. Michelle

    Yayyyyy tricycle, makes me feel special!!!

  2. You’re basically famous now!! How did she find your blog, do you know?

    • No clue. Maybe the same way I found other Manila blogs? (By googling “Manila +blog +foreign service”?)

      The funny thing is I wrote this realizing she might be reading it too! (Well, I certainly hope so, I hope she didn’t stop reading my blog because I wasn’t just as cool in person?)

  3. Valerie

    Sounds like your running world and foreign service worlds are starting to collide.

  4. It’s like you’re famous! 🙂 And wow that was a lot of food, how fun!

  5. Yay for meeting new people! Boo for Karl being sick though. I hope his fever is all the way down now.

    I was going to ask the same question about how she found your blog – too cool!

    • He still has a bit of fever (and still goes to the bathroom at least once an hour), but it’s a lot better. When I made fun of him going to work with a fever he said “if I don’t go, my work won’t get done” (it wasn’t when we were off on vacation for a day), “so I rather have one miserable day at work then a horrible week staying late trying to catch up.”

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  7. Hiva

    Yay for meeting new people! Thanks for showing me around Carla. I now feel like the Manila expert, showing Dustin around lol.

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