Adventures on the treadmill…

Ok, so even TRYING to give this post a nice title, a post about the treadmill is STILL boring…  (So I’ll post pictures to get you to keep reading…)

But nonetheless, I’ve been slacking on my attempt to get faster using the Couch to 5K program.  Since moving I have only gone to the gym twice (TWICE!) in 2.5 weeks.

The gym here is not too exciting.  Sure you get a nice pool view, but that’s about it.


There are two treadmills, a recumbent bike, an elliptical, some hand weights and a multi-purpose weight station that I’ve been using.


(Don’t be fooled by the mirrored wall behind the weight station…)


But, boring or not, it’s always empty so I had to get back into the swing of things.  I got dressed, got my water, and hopped on the treadmill and then to my dismay I saw it:


(Yes, I should have seen that one coming.)

Probably not a big deal if I was running one consistent pace:  there would be a bit of finagling, but after a few tries I’d get to the groove of things.

But how does one do intervals when they have been training in miles since the first day they started running?

So, yep, I winged it.  I quickly figured out that setting the machine for 6 km/hour (or was it 6.5?) was a good walking pace.  Then I started with the first sprint at 10 km/hr.  At each of the next interval, I would increase it by 0.5.

I thought I was kicking some ass, since it wasn’t that hard, until I looked down, mid-sprint, when I was supposed to be pulling a 14 km/hr speed and the machine was instead showing 11.5.  Then these words started scrolling through it “CANNOT ACHIEVE TARGET PACE.”

Oh, COME ON!  Even when I sprint, I’m not that fast, so WTF?

That day I got home, bitched about the kilometers on Facebook, got this little chart sent to me, but was still not convinced that it solved my problem…  Because 11.5 seems to be the equivalent of a 8:20 pace (in miles).  Way faster than I can run continuously?  Heck yeah!  But still not that fast to make the treadmill conk out (don’t you wish I actually had that problem?).

And it seems to be so inadequate that it makes me wonder if it’s even calibrated, and maybe, the paces it’s telling me are not even the correct ones.  For all I know I’m busting my ass thinking I’m running an 8:20 min/mile when I’m actually struggling through a 10 min/mile pace.

I finished my work out (a bit peeved, of course), and then on my next attempt on the treadmill, a whole week and a half later (I was still pissed, I had my pride to consider!), I did what anyone else would do:  I used the other treadmill.

Sadly, it had the exact same issue.

Have I mentioned that we bought one to bring to Manila?  But that we never tested it out as the company delivered it 3 weeks late (!!!) and it almost missed our move, so who knows if it’s working?

Yeah.  Fingers crossed that goes smoothly.  I’m looking forward to running in miles again, even if deep down I know that I probably push myself harder in kilometers (when I have no clue how fast I’m really running), then miles.  Since, you know, I was attempting to do 15 km/hr sprints (that I later found out to be equivalent to a 6:25 pace in miles…  As if!).


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7 responses to “Adventures on the treadmill…

  1. Sounds like the gym treadmill is only good for an ego boost!! 🙂

  2. Lucky that you have that basically to yourself, in this heat I want to be at a gym!

  3. I spend a lot of miles on a treadmill. I suppose you get used to it… but I wouldn’t get through them nearly as easily without my gym buddies. This summer is going to be tough because I can’t hit the gym with all 3 kids, so I’ll be stuck on my home treadmill all alone… easy to get distracted and no accountability. Yep, it can get boring. I typically watch a movie at home, but I’ve had others tell me they like books on tape.

    • Wild idea here, but maybe we can both get skype and talk to each other while we brave the treadmill (obviously, not possible until my treadmill arrives). I know timewise it’ll be different, but maybe we can manage once a week!

      Where the hell do people buy books on tape? I heard that too, but can’t figure it out! And yeah, once my treadmill gets here, it’ll be in a room with a TV for sure!

      • That might actually be a lot of fun if I could figure out how to do it!!! I’ve never skyped. Yeah, I’m occassionally tecnologically impaired (weird since by training, I’m an engineer).

        I’m not sure on the books … I’ll ask my buddies… I just assumed they downloaded it like anything else…

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