Sunset & Dinner at MOA

These pictures are totally overdue…  Our last weekend in the temp housing, we went out for dinner with Caroline (my favorite Scot!) at one of the many restaurants lining up the seaside at the Mall of Asia.

And we took some gorgeous pictures…



Karl with Caroline, his A-100 classmate who is one of our favorite people in Manila!


Of course, I had to take a picture with her too!


After checking out the other restaurants, we decided to have dinner at Vikings, an upscale all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant (I just found out that they serve breakfast on weekends, so maybe we need to go back?).

The food was good, but not spectacular, specially considering the steep price of P888 per person.  But, the atmosphere was great, and the price included drinks like soda and juices and even beer (so Karl was happy), as well as dessert.

The only bad thing?  We were sitting right by the window, but because of the glare of the lights inside of the restaurant, we didn’t have a view of the outside.  They really should take more advantage of their prime location and let others appreciate the sunset as well!


Caroline was tired!


The other thing I did on my last weekend in temp housing?  I went to People’s Palace in Makati to meet a few Brazilians for lunch.  Out of the group below, 3 have already moved out the country.  The only person I’ve seen again so far is Irida, who was the only non-Brazilian at the table – she’s from Albania, and her husband works at the Italian Embassy.  She lives right across the street from my new place and has taken me around shopping before her 2.5 month long trip back to Italy and Albania.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again in August!

Ah and funny tidbit.  The woman sitting right next to me on the bottom left of the picture is a Brazilian, married to a FSO, and get this:  his name is also Karl.  Freakish much?


It’s amazing how when you put a bunch of Brazilian women together (and one Albanian), even if they don’t all know each other, they still manage to talk their ass off for hours!

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  1. I met Caroline today! She’s in Jeddah for a TDY, and when she walked into our cafeteria I thought she looked familiar. It took me a few minutes, but then I realized I’d seen her picture on your blog! It truly is a small FS world… Though I fear I may have frightened her by telling her where I had ‘seen’ her before ;-).

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