Eyebrow Threading…

This is how my eyebrows used to look like, last year, when I maintained them myself…


Then I was told to grow them out for my wedding, and I crossed the finish line of my first marathon sporting these caterpillars:


So the week I left to Rio to get married, I went over to Pentagon City Mall, and for ten bucks, I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time in my life, and only second time in my life having them professionally done, a good 10 years after the first time when they were waxed. 

It hurt like a bitch, but I came out with these babies… (Ignore the asymmetrical eyes, these were at my makeup trial, so the different eye make up was on purpose.  In case you’re wondering, I chose the left one.)


Since then, I can’t go back to the old ways.  Sure, I still groom them in between appointments just to make sure I don’t get those wild eyebrows. 

Last week, on my super indulgent day, I headed over to Browhaus, an upscale (and not very cheap) brow threading place in Greenbelt.  I even signed up for a package, so for the next year or so I won’t have to open my wallet there again (and I get to save almost $5 with each visit).

And if you’ve read about my weekend post, you noticed that my eyebrows now look much nicer than the first picture taken, a year ago.

So if you haven’t tried threading, I TOTALLY recommend it!  Sure, even with threading, my eyebrows don’t always look perfect – the sun seems to lighten them really quickly, so sometimes despite my best efforts I sport this…


(Yes, I know, close up of a burned freckled face is not doing me any favors.)

But a half groomed eyebrow is still better than a half-caterpillar, no?

Have YOU tried threading?


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11 responses to “Eyebrow Threading…

  1. I’ve never tried it, but now I kind of really want to!

  2. Hmm…not sure if they can fix the mess I made of mine while self-maintaining for all those years. It’s been years and they still haven’t made a full recovery after a lot of growing out and waxing. But I think it could be worth a shot! Your’s look great!

  3. I discovered threading last fall and am totally converted. I was maintaining my thick Italian man-brows on my own and had been for years after a couple of bad (yet expensive) waxing experiences (think uneven, choppy lines and then it didn’t even last that long).

    It’s $10 here in Birmingham too and was $10 in Auburn which is where I got them done for the first time. Must be the common price point!

    How often do you go? I’m still trying to figure out how to time the visits. Of course I’ll do a little touch up between appointments but I want to make sure I get the max benefit from the threading as well.

  4. I’ve had threading done ONCE and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! The only place I can find that does it here is in the middle of the mall (where everyone can see you). I should get it done. It looks so much better (imo) than waxing.

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