Another great weekend in Asia!

Sure, my weekend also included some stomach troubles (welcome to Asia, right?), which meant some of my activities had to be cut short, but it was a great busy weekend nonetheless!

Friday I went out for lunch with Christine, then walked around Greenbelt and SM Mall for a bit.  Of course, it was a beautiful sunny day, until  I got out of the mall and had to face the rain, with no umbrella in hand.  I had this great jacket from Columbia, that’s supposed to be 50% air and super cool, and thought it was a great chance to try it out…  (kindly ignore the multiple chins)

The verdict?  Cool my ass.  I was sweating – SWEATING! – under that jacket for my 15 minute walk home (and it wasn’t even zipped up).  I think I would have been better off facing the rain, as I got soaked nonetheless, except with sweat.  Gross.

At home, I had to take care of Lily, who developed some sort of skin allergy…  So twice a week I need to put her through this.  Poor thing looks like a rat when she’s wet.

At night, we hung out with Dustin and Hiva, our new favorite couple here in Manila, as well as Joe (the new guy in our building) and Jason.  We had dinner at Café Havana in Greenbelt, where I had the most delicious steak since arriving in Asia…  The place gets, uh, interesting after a while, and the “working girls” (I’m trying to be diplomatic here) hang out there and have no qualms of approaching the men, even those who are obviously out with their wives.

We started the weekend with the market on Saturday morning and loaded up on some DELICIOUS bagels (tomato and basil bagel, hmmmm) and more popsicles from Picole (I’m addicted!).  In case you’re curious, my favorite flavor is the Pistachio, followed in no particular order by the Corn Supreme (weird but yummy), the avocado, the melon and the lychee.

Then, Michelle and I headed over to Greenhills, where she bought a HUGE painting for her place (I should have taken a picture), and we both loaded up on pearls for gifts (though some of them were for ourselves).  I got this necklace for my sister, with coin pearls and tiger eye, for a whopping $28!


At night, we went out for a super-late dinner with Joe over at the Bowler Restaurant, the food was surprisingly yummy.

A sunny Sunday morning, meant that Karl and I finally went out for a run outside in Makati.  Again, we left at the worst time (noon…) so after a mile in, we decided to walk the rest.  We still got three miles, and were sweating until the very end.  So that counts, right?

We ran over to Rockwell Power Plant Mall, around the mall, then back.  I was tempted to go in and bask on the AC, but we were strong, and remained outside in the heat.  When will I be able to run outside non-stop again?  Maybe when I stop going out at noon?


Yes I only took two pictures of the run (FAIL!), the other one being this random one, when we were almost home.


After spending the afternoon at the pool (soooo nice!), we went out with Joe (again!), and with Bill and Cath, who will soon be moving to our building as well.  We had awesome sushi, followed by amazing gelato.  All in all, a great weekend!


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4 responses to “Another great weekend in Asia!

  1. Seeing pictures of fast food chains I’ve never heard of before just makes me want to go there more…

  2. Wow! How do you react to the women approaching Karl? I suppose it is part of the culture and no harm meant, but I bet it was still strange to get used to!

    Steven shared this article today on Reader about Columbia Jackets ( – is that the kind you were wearing?

    • Yep! I got a long sleeve shirt too, but I’m terrified to try it on to see if it really works!

      And the women approaching him is odd… I mean, in this case they were prostitutes, but in general a lot of people see white guy = rich so they go for it anyway, which means when I’m not there, they’re coming on to him. Not EVERYONE, of course, but if you look at the disproportionate amount of old white men with Filipinas, you understand why a young one is a commodity…

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