Update on the KITTEHN!

Yes, I have not yet named the kitten, so as a compromise, I call him kittehn.  As in obnoxiously “Hiiiii Kittehn!”

He had a MAJOR fungus infection, right after I found him, and it covered about 30% of his body at some point.  After some great tips from my friends on facebook, he is looking great now.  What finally worked?  I was keeping the AC off, since kittens cannot regulate their temperature, but by keeping the AC off, it also meant the room was more humid.  Humidity is exactly what fungus need to grow!  Once I turned the AC on, it finally started dying out.  And yes, he also took antibiotics and had a special ointment applied on him twice a day (yay for super-affordable vets on this part of the world!).

So when I first found him, this was his size…



A week later, he weighed in at the vet at 7 oz.  Tiny!

After a LOT of bottle feeding, and finally moving him to solids, now not only he has grown to TWICE his original size, he even poops on his own (yeah, that period was not fun.  If you ever had to make a kitten poop, I feel ya.)

And OH MY GOD!  Does he have energy!  He sprints everywhere, runs all over the place, plays with toys, your hand, your feet…  I’m still keeping him separated from the other pets, because Lily doesn’t know how to play nice, and Lucas just plain hates him (hisses and smacks him).  So I’m not taking chances.  It’s a shame because he WANTS to play.

Another 3 weeks and he can get his first round of shots!  And then *sad face* I need to find him a home.  I feel terrible that I just can’t play with him as much as he needs – Lucas and Lily must take priority.  And they’re both SO jealous (Lily pees in front of the door of his room every.single.time I go in and don’t include her).

But, without further ado, look how big (and CUTE) he got!





Yes, he is still tiny-size for a kitten (he must be around 2 months old now?), but SO much bigger and healthier than before!

Anyone wants to adopt an adorable Filipino kitten?


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8 responses to “Update on the KITTEHN!

  1. Ahhh, SO cute! I’m so thankful you cared for him. 🙂

  2. Jen

    Find him a ride to the US… And convince the dog he is not a play toy.

  3. Adorable! I hope you are able to find him a good home.

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