Update on Lily

Thank you everyone for the kind words, thoughts and prayers towards Lily.  I always reply to comments one by one, but this time I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on, so apologies for thanking you in a general post.

Lily had another x-ray today, which came out ok (showing no blockage), but because of flooding here in Manila, the vet told me to wait until the afternoon to pick her up, until the flooding subsided so that the street would be accessible.

It was a good thing, because early afternoon, when they gave her antibiotics, she promptly threw them up.  There was no sign of blood (which is great news), but they were not comfortable sending her home yet.  We were allowed a visit, so we jumped on a cab, and 20 minutes later I was hugging my baby.

My VERY hyper VERY excited VERY I-can’t-even-tell-she’s-sick-because-she’s-so-energetic baby.  She was jumping in my arms and really really happy to see us.  Sadly, she was still hooked to an IV, so I had to hold her since the IV line wasn’t long enough to put her on the ground so I came home with LOTS of scratches on my chest (but in the process also got many puppy kisses on my cheeks).

I’m still super-worried, but seeing how hyper she is and how she is much more active than when I dropped her off yesterday, it was a bit of a relief, of course, I won’t be completely relieved until she’s back home and healthy.

The vet is hoping she’ll poop in the meantime to see if there’s any rubber coming out (she hasn’t done anything yet, because she’s not really eating much — which is unusual for her, but you can’t blame her for not being too hungry after all of that).

Now let’s hope tomorrow I get to do a lot of this:



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4 responses to “Update on Lily

  1. glad to hear that she is on the mend 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I have missed all of this!

    I am SO sorry about poor baby Lily, and it is NOT your fault!! I’m sure she will come out of this just fine.


  3. I am so happy to hear her energy is up and she is on the mend!

  4. I am so glad she is improving. I hope she is home happy and well soon!

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