Random Pictures from Manila

I have these pictures that really don’t fit in a post one way or the other.  So why not make a post out of them? 

Here is Karl’s work outfit!  He just loves being able to wear his custom-made barongs and pants!  Much cooler than a long-sleeve shirt and tie! (And they were a deal, the pants less than $20 each!)  Isn’t he cute?


The Ayala Park has this sign up – we have yet to try running around the park on a Sunday.  Probably because it’s so early!


On Monday nights, a couple of blocks from us, they have Rockeoke!  (Live band karaoke!) Karl’s first attempt to go there was a disappointment, lots of tagalog songs and not any English songs he knew, but this Monday he went and loved it.  So maybe this will be our new Monday night hangout?  Live band AND karaoke?  Looks like they have Semi Charmed Life, so I’ll get to sing too!


The Coffee Bean, an American chain that I never seen in America (but it’s all over Asia), claims to be the first to have blended ice coffee drinks?  Hmmmm…


The very expensive but completely gaudy front of The Peninsula Hotel in Manila.  Am I the only one that think this thing is ugly?


Lily developed a skin allergy (this puppy has been through a lot!), so twice a week I need to give her a bath with a special shampoo, and that needs to sit on her skin for a while before I can rinse it off.  If you can’t tell, she hates it!


Found in the menu of the Hobbit House…  Meatiest Meats in the World of Men.  Wait, what?


Showing off what I acquired for myself during our trip to Greenhills.  My $23 set of Lapis Lazuli jewelry.  I love it! 


View from “Top of the Citi” restaurant in Makati.  We went there for drinks after dinner one night.  The food?  EXPENSIVE!  And I mean US prices expensive!  The drinks for  the three of us (we each had only one drink) was more than what we had paid for our dinner at Persian Grill!


Found at Bubba Gump Shrimp (we went there for drinks when I was trying to find the same lychee+pomegranate margarita I had in Hong Kong – no luck). 

The real recipe for caipirinha?  Cachaça (sometimes replaced by vodka), fresh lime and sugar.   That’s it.  To get creative, you can replace the fresh lime by fresh strawberry or fresh lychee.   Look at the description of it in their menu.  WTF?  It’s not even the same drink.  The only thing it’s the same is the fresh lime.  But Rum?  Pineapple??  Mango Puree???  Soda????  Sprite?????  Don’t call it caipirinha when it’s not a caipirinha.  Don’t call it the “national drink of Brazil” when no one in Brazil has ever even drank that.  UGH!


I have a feeling I’ll have other random posts like this – as soon as I accumulate more random pictures from Manila!


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8 responses to “Random Pictures from Manila

  1. Meatiest Meats in the World of Men.

    Men’s sausages? For men or made of men? Either way, I think I’ll pass….I’ve lost my appetite.

  2. Love what your husband wears to work, so… tropical? Lol! Love your jewelry too. And your puppy is so cute!

  3. That’s so weird – the only place I’ve ever seen a Coffee Bean is in Egypt. I don’t even think I realized that they were an American chain!

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