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Last Day in Hong Kong!

Now that Lily is home safe and sound, I can go back to recapping our trip to Hong Kong!

We left HK on Tuesday evening, which meant we had almost a full day to explore.  The hotel let us check out at 2pm, which worked out perfectly as we didn’t have to carry our stuff around all day.

What was on the itinerary? 

Ngong Ping 360!  Basically a half an hour cable car ride over the mountains (yes, that’s plural) covering 5.7km on Lantau Island, from the Tung Chung MTR Station all the way to the Tiang Tan Buddha Statue.  We splurged for the “crystal cabin” since it had glass floors!  We shared it with 2 other people on our way there, but had the cars to ourselves on the trip back (which explains why we took pictures splayed on the floor of the thing!). 

It was a great time – the pictures say it all!
(Kindly ignore my messed up toenail from running)








































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Lily is HOME :)

Now excuse me, while I go hug my baby.  Again.  And again.  And again 🙂


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Update on Lily

Thank you everyone for the kind words, thoughts and prayers towards Lily.  I always reply to comments one by one, but this time I’m a bit overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on, so apologies for thanking you in a general post.

Lily had another x-ray today, which came out ok (showing no blockage), but because of flooding here in Manila, the vet told me to wait until the afternoon to pick her up, until the flooding subsided so that the street would be accessible.

It was a good thing, because early afternoon, when they gave her antibiotics, she promptly threw them up.  There was no sign of blood (which is great news), but they were not comfortable sending her home yet.  We were allowed a visit, so we jumped on a cab, and 20 minutes later I was hugging my baby.

My VERY hyper VERY excited VERY I-can’t-even-tell-she’s-sick-because-she’s-so-energetic baby.  She was jumping in my arms and really really happy to see us.  Sadly, she was still hooked to an IV, so I had to hold her since the IV line wasn’t long enough to put her on the ground so I came home with LOTS of scratches on my chest (but in the process also got many puppy kisses on my cheeks).

I’m still super-worried, but seeing how hyper she is and how she is much more active than when I dropped her off yesterday, it was a bit of a relief, of course, I won’t be completely relieved until she’s back home and healthy.

The vet is hoping she’ll poop in the meantime to see if there’s any rubber coming out (she hasn’t done anything yet, because she’s not really eating much — which is unusual for her, but you can’t blame her for not being too hungry after all of that).

Now let’s hope tomorrow I get to do a lot of this:



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Please pray for Lily

My little puppy today decided that it was a good idea to eat the straps of my havaianas.  She ate the whole “v” part of the flipflops, that stays on top of you foot.  When the helper showed it to me and we realized that she actually ingested it, my first thought was “I gotta make her throw it up.”

This was not the first time I had to make her throw up.  Once she ate a whole 7oz packet of dried mangoes.  She was 5lbs at the time, and she ingested the whole thing (we found out after she threw up a bit of yellow and we were like “WTF?” then found the empty package on the floor).  After help from my friends on Facebook (it was 11:30pm at night, on our first weekend in Manila, on a Sunday, we didn’t know anyone and everything was closed), I found out that a bit of salt on the back of her throat should bring it up.  It worked, she threw up the whole thing (the pieces were not even chewed, she’s a pig!).

A couple of days later, she decided that eating 5 chocolate flavored granola bars — including their individual wrappers!!! — was a good idea.  Again, I had to use the salt trick.

(Before you accuse me of being a bad pet owner, all those packages were unopened and factory sealed on top of the dining table, that she figured out how to jump on — I didn’t figure it out at first after the mango incident, I had assumed the cat threw the packet on the floor, which is where we found it, but the granola bars were taken from their original packaging, that was still on the table, chewed through.  Later I was able to witness how a 5lb dog makes her way on top of the dining table — and yes, she’s pretty crafty.)

Anyway, it’s been 2 months with no other incidents until today.  She never tried to eat non-food items before.  So when I saw she ate so much rubber, I didn’t think twice, and made her vomit.  Except that after the rubber pieces and her breakfast passed through, she continued to retch.  Then a clear fluid mixed with blood came out.  Then more.  Then again.  And again.  And again.  For over 40 minutes she was throwing up blood non-stop.

By then, I was already in a taxi, on the way to the vet (thanks so much for Cath who called the vet for me as I was slightly hysterical) as he hd told us to bring her immediately to the office.  She had diarrhea just before leaving the house.  A bit of rubber was in there.  In the taxi, she threw up another two times, all with blood, no solids.

When we got to the vet, as they were setting up the x-ray, she threw up yet again, but this time, no clear fluids:  just pure blood.  About a fist-size amount.  Bright red.  VERY red.  Though she is no longer 5lbs (she’s “big” at 9lbs now), that was still way more blood than a little dog should be able to handle.

I don’t have to explain that I was in tears.

The first x-ray came out clear, but we were warned it might (since rubber doesn’t show that well on x-ray).  So the vet said she had to stay over, so they could make her digest a liquid, visible on the x-ray, and see if there’s any blockage.  And I had to walk out of the office, leaving my baby behind, while she was hooked on IV fluids.

3 hours later, with no news, I called them.  The first x-ray was ok, the liquid had cleared the esophagus.  An hour later, I was told that the second x-ray was also clear, as the liquid had reached the small intestines.  I was also told that she had not thrown up again (they did give her medication right away though to control the vomit).

But then, they told me “she will need to stay overnight for observation.”  And I just broke down.  My sick baby, alone, at the vet in a crate?  Heartbreaking.  (They are open 24 hours for emergency, so I know that she won’t really be alone, but still.)

I can’t stop blaming myself.  Why did I make her vomit?  But people have assured me that her throwing it up is still safer than risking her passing through that much rubber through her intestines.  That it would surely have caused a blockage needing surgery.  But when you see your puppy throwing up so much, 2 days before her 7 month birthday, how can you NOT blame yourself?

Please pray for Lily, and that tomorrow she’ll be coming home healthy.  Our home is not the same without her.


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