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Philippines 1 x 2 Kuwait

Yesterday we went to see the World Cup qualifier game, Philippines vs Kuwait.

Is it wrong that I teared up when I saw the “Brazil” on the signs?  I so so so hope I get to see it live…



Of course, I wore my Brazilian jersey, because I gotta represent!  (I promise my arm is not that long in real life – self-portrait FAIL!)



As you can tell, our seats were crap, as we were right by the wall.  For 2,000 pesos, I thought we had some sweet seats – I was wrong!





It was definitely an odd experience cheering for the underdogs (if you didn’t know Brazil is the best in soccer since in forever)…  But the Filipinos scored the first goal and the crowd went nuts!

Crowd going wild after the Philippines scored the first goal.



Sadly, Kuwait scored two goals on the second half, since the Pinoy defense was lacking by a lot (you can’t leave the goalkeeper to take care of the area on his own!). 


The game was fun, but sad to think it’s the most exciting soccer game I’ll get to see in my time here!  So, the Azkals are not moving forward to the next stage, and are out of the running for the World Cup.

With the girls screaming behind us, you would think we were at a Justin Bieber concert though.  Just listen…  This went on for the WHOLE FREAKING GAME…

My ears might never recover!

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And I ran, I ran (not so) far away…

I was super sore yesterday, but I thought that a short run on the treadmill might help flush some of the lactic acid out (it didn’t).

I was tired so the lack of sleep meant I wanted to sit on my ass much more than I wanted to run.  But, I put on my running clothes and told myself I could suck it up for a mile. 

Because though a mile is not a lot, it’s still a LOT better than nothing.  I set up the treadmill at a super slow pace (12 min/mile which used to be my long run training pace), and no elevation (usually I put between 0.5 and 1 for runs), because I was hoping once I got started that I would go further than a mile, and didn’t want to burn myself out when I’m still trying to get back to the swing of things.

It turns out, once I started, I was feeling gooooood.  That weird “this run feels awesome” feeling that I haven’t had in a long time.  Heck, not since DC!

So one mile turned into two.  At two, I realized I can turn this into a 5k, and once I was approaching the end line I even decided to sprint at a 6:40 pace for the last tenth of a mile (THE LONGEST TENTH OF A MILE EVER!  Obviously, I was not made to be a sprinter!). 

Was my finish time slow for a 5k pace?  No doubt, but I have to restart somewhere, and this is the longest I’ve run (with no walking), since the 5k here in Manila two months ago (geez, time flies by…).  I’m at the point where every little bit counts.  It’s so hard to get back on track!

I even took a picture of the screen when I was finished (just ignore the stupid calorie count.  Since the iFit thing doesn’t work, I can’t put a profile for myself, so I have no idea who they’re basing all those calories from.  All I know is that I DO NOT burn 477 calories on 3 miles – I wish!).


At the end I was sweaty but happy (and can you tell I was still super tired and sleepy?)


Now for the embarrassing confession?  I ran with music, and apparently listening to “Stop and Stare” by One Republic on repeat is what kept me going (WTF, I know!).  (I did change the song for the sprint at the end though.)  I guess the “I think I’m moving but I’m going nowhere” parts fits well with treadmill running?

Does this sound like the type of thing that keeps you running?  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ll take what I can get! (Luckily the music version doesn’t have all those random sounds on the intro like the video…)

One last note on how accomplished I feel with being able to run 3.1 miles on the treadmill?  Even when my short runs consisted of 10 miles, I have NEVER been able to run more than 3 miles on the treadmill before giving up due to boredom.  (I have, however, done run/walks longer than that, though not by much.)  So a 5k, even if a slow one, is a big deal.

Now I just have to get my butt outside from some outdoor runs, which is what I truly love.  It finally stopped raining today after days of wet and gloomy weather!


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My legs were beaten with a baseball bat

Ok, so my life is not that dramatic (and let’s hope it stays that way, ok?), but that’s how they feel like today.

Remember when I talked about the New Rules of Lifting for Women book?  Despite missing barbells, I figured I’ll try my best to do the exercises with dumbbells instead.

Using a 20lb dumbbell in each hand for squats was not that bad.  Using 25lb in each for step ups, was a tad more challenging.  So of course I was a bit sore during the last couple of days.  But then yesterday it was time to do “workout B” of the phase 1 of the book (you alternate A and B for the first 16 workouts).

So I had never done a deadlift in my life, and after looking for youtube videos of how to do it with dumbbells, I figured I was ready for it.


OMG THOSE THINGS ARE HARD.  20lbs in each hand doesn’t seem like much, but I didn’t realize just how much my quads would be used to lift up those stupid weights.

Then lunges with weights – that quickly went out the window and it became lunges with body weight.  I’m not bad at walking lunges, but turns out lunges where you go back to your starting position are a lot harder to do, specially when your quads are already sore.

So yes, this morning even reaching the toilet seat to pee was a challenge (TMI?).

It’s no wonder the book explicitly tells you NOT to do the program when training for an endurance event.  Imagine if I had to run a 20 miler with these DOMS legs?  Non-running related DOMS legs?  (Which is a lot harder to do!)

Then it got me thinking and I wonder if other people go through the same thing…

During marathon training, I was ALWAYS sore.  Not “I can’t walk” sore, but sore nonetheless.  It was like my legs were constantly making me aware that they were there.  My calves were always tight.  Sure, compression socks helped (a LOT), but it never solved the problem.  I just got used to living with sore legs.  (And to be honest I kind of miss it.)

Am I the only one, or does everyone get constant sore legs during marathon training?

And since it seems like I’m reminiscing a lot about DC nowadays, can I mention how much I miss this trail?  (Anything similar to it near Manila or is that wishful thinking?)



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Fruit FAIL

I love love love fruits.  I’m not a huge fan of cranberries, but I do like the juice.  And though you’ll never see me sipping grapefruit juice by choice, I can’t exactly say I hate it.

So if in my whole life I’ve only encountered two fruits I wasn’t a huge fan of, both in a non-tropical climate, it’s no surprise that here in Manila I want to try even more tropical fruits!

The green fruit at the bottom left of the picture is actually one of my favorites… (I miss Brazilian fruits…)


Karl and I tried rambutan for the first time on Saturday, and ate this whole thing in one sitting!  Yum!



Who would have guessed it looks so harmless inside?



I also tried dragon fruit for the first time, and though it definitely doesn’t have an appetizing exterior, it’s quite yummy inside, the flavor reminds me of kiwi.



I just ate it by the spoonful, so here’s a look post-massacre…


So when our helper suggested I try durian, a “smelly but very tasteful” fruit, I was intrigued.  Specially since the outside doesn’t look too different from my favorite fruit.  Soursop is another one of my favorites, and it also has a similar exterior.  Durian seemed quite harmless.

After it stunk up my fridge for a whole 24 hours, I was ready to give it a try.  At first, just looking at it made my stomach churn.  Doesn’t it look like fatty chicken bits?


But I got over my fears and took a bite…  The texture?  Totally not what I was expecting.  It was like spoiled cream.  So even though the flavor wasn’t that horrible the texture killed it for me.

I couldn’t even finish it, and spit the rest out.  I had never been this defeated by a piece of fruit.  Karl didn’t even make past the first bite.

I can no longer claim to like all fruits, because there’s no way I’ll ever try a durian again.

Fruit FAIL.  Definitely.  Ugh.


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