Wish me luck…

The bad thing about ALL YOUR STUFF getting here, is that ALL YOUR STUFF gets here.

My apartment that looked like this, yesterday looked like this…




After a very long night (and very short few hours of sleep), I put a bunch of things away.  Except you can’t tell, and right now, I’m living like this…



The “workout room” is the neatest room by far – and see my treadmill!!!  I just need to figure out how to assemble it, as Karl is on a work trip and won’t be back until Monday…


The guest room looks lovely.  Wouldn’t YOU want to stay here?


My room is not any better…


Or my bathroom…


But at least our bookcases are looking like their supposed to?  (Yay for sleepless night putting books away!)



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13 responses to “Wish me luck…

  1. YAY!! All your stuff arrived…..I feel your pain. That’s what my house looked like for Christmas this year. We got our stuff on the 22nd and it was a mad rush to get stuff done so it almost looked nice for the holiday. Which room do you start with? For me it’s the kitchen, if it’s too messy I’d just go out, and out gets old. Couldn’t they just deliver one room’s worth at a time?

    Happy organizing! 🙂

    • We also started with the kitchen. It’s the easiest one, since stuff goes into the cabinets and since it’s big stuff, it’s quick to see a difference.

      One rooms worth at a time would be perfect if my movers hadn’t packed tomato sauce cans with my clothes. Fun times (luckily, no accidents, but talk about a pain in the ass thing to sort).

  2. Hooray! Good luck getting organized. I bet it’ll be nice to feel a little more settled 🙂

    • I can’t wait to have it all in their place and having the apartment look like home. We’re getting there, but I have a feeling it’ll be a couple of weeks until it’s all sorted and all the frames up on the walls.

  3. bfiles

    how exciting! i know what you mean, though. Just take your time…it’ll get done…I hadn’t seen your aptmt pics before- what a gorgeous place. Enjoy!

  4. I love the Workout Room! Will you put weights in there? ^_^

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  7. I hate unpacking. We moved 6 times in the last 9 years (and we’ve been in this house for 4 years now so all those moves were in 5 years)… Not fun at all. You’re probably done by now, but if not, make some snacks, blare some music, and just get it done.

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