Some progress…

Sure there is still a LOT of stuff left to put away, but it’s definitely a big improvement on how it looked like yesterday!  (Have I mentioned how I’m already spoiled about the fact that we can afford to hire help here?  How I wish in the US it also cost us $250/month for a full time maid!)

And though still messy, at least now it’s looking more like a home…  Like MY home.


Of course, finding out the walls are concrete and nails will NOT go through, was not a good surprise.  And though I own the right drill, the small drill bit that matches the width of a nail (along with a bunch of other things) never made it to this side of the ocean (how does a 10lb set of hand weights, that was right next to the 5lb set, doesn’t get here, but the 5lb does?  Grrrr…).  So putting pictures up will be hell…

The good news?  Painting is done!  (Ignore the one white wall in the living room – it has water damage and we’re waiting for someone from the embassy to come to fix it.  They were supposed to have been here Tuesday, but once again, they forgot about us.)



And doesn’t the color look a LOT better than our previous cream walls/beige trims?

I should note that the place only looks darker because these pictures were taken at night, the original house tour was during the day time, when the light just FLOWS into this place like crazy.  I love it!

I can’t wait to put some pictures up against the light blue of the bedroom!




And I’m loving – LOVING – the yellow walls of our workout room!  LOVING IT!



Our guest room is still looking like a mess…  We decided to only paint one wall, so it won’t look exactly like the other room.



My Ikea shelves from my previous place ended up having to go on the laundry room (which is right off the kitchen, so no biggie).  We had no empty walls in the kitchen!


The kitchen is still a mess, but slowly getting there.  The cabinets are deceiving, there actually isn’t much storage space (huge vent pipe on the cabinets above the stove, huge grease trap – gross! – inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink, a mysterious noisy metal box under another cabinet…  And so on…  All of this taking up the WHOLE space inside each cabinet.)



Still not perfect, but you can definitely see progress, no?

Celly, our helper, is gone this week for her father’s funeral (she was the one who insisted on working these last couple of days after he passed away), so the rest of the organization is all on me.  Fingers crossed I can handle it!  (And that I can figure out a way to make a damn hole in these walls.)


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15 responses to “Some progress…

  1. Aww. It’s shaping up really nice!!!

  2. Okay, I left a comment but it disappeared. It looks really nice! And I love the floors.

  3. The window in your workout room overlooks the city doesn’t it? At first, I’d be a little freaked out to run on a treadmill right near the window like that!!

  4. Yay! Loving the yellow in the workout room.

    Have you thought about the super heavy-duty 3M Command Strips for hanging stuff? Don’t know if it will work for everything but we had AC ducts where we wanted to hang stuff in our living room and I was able to use the command strips to hang a framed pic and another item (think long strip of coat hooks on wood—it’s where we keep the dogs’ leashes, etc)

    • Someone else recommended them to me, but they have 4lb max weight, and I have considerably heavier frames than that for the most part… Also, not sure how good the layers of paint are, if the paint jobs were lacking, wouldn’t it just pull off the paint with it as the frames go down?

  5. We’ve used these before on cement.
    They are pretty sturdy.

  6. Marlene Trunk

    Place is really looking like home and great style, Carla! You’ve done a lot with your time and colors are great!

  7. Call me stupid, but I can’t find your email address! I tried to respond to your comment, but you’re a no-reply. BOO! 🙂

    The wall colors look GREAT! We still have boring builder beige, and I hate it!! It’s all definitely coming together and soon it will be a cozy home!

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Your comment to me is the exact swift kick in the ass that I needed. And didn’t I just say that same thing to you not too long ago? You seem to always keep me in check and give me the gentle dose of tough love that I need. Thank you so much for your honesty and telling me what I need to hear! Love you, friend!!! 🙂

  8. I love the paint job in all of your rooms! Looks like it is starting to look like home! Good luck putting on your finishing touches! Cheers!

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