The Treadmill!

Last night Karl came back home from his business trip (isn’t it perfect timing that he was away on the weekend all our crap arrived?   He reminded me he was working and I reminded him that I know he rather work than unpack any day.  He said I had a fair point).

Anyway, I pretty much forced him to help me assemble the treadmill, since it’s a 2 person job, and I’ve been waiting for it since Thursday!

And ta-dah!  Treadmill DONE!  We had splurged for the Nordictrack C1750 (they were having a sale, it was a bit cheaper than it’s selling for now), mostly because the iFit live software was PERFECT for a person like me who gets bored out of their mind on a treadmill. 

What’s the iFit Live, you ask?  Basically you can run most places – including marathon courses – through google maps street view, and not only you get to see the sights, but the treadmill automatically adjusts the elevation, etc to match it.

Sounds great, no?

Except the stupid thing is not working.  As in freezing and not even detecting any networks.  I don’t even know if the customer service will come through, considering we bought it in March, they took a month to deliver, arriving the same day as the movers, so we couldn’t take it out of the box until now.  Hopefully their customer service will answer my email – Nordictrack is not known for having good customer support, but I really hope they prove me wrong…  Can you tell I’m a tad freaked out that we spent almost $1,500 in a fitness equipment and ended up with a lemon?

But anyway, aside from that, the treadmill works fine, and isn’t it pretty?



Of course, you can also tell that my priorities are screwed up, as I still have loads of things to put away, but I’ve been spending time putting things on the wall…  But my medals!  They needed to be displayed!


Oh yeah, and as I reminder, this is what I get to look at when running…  (I was going to make it face the window, but figured I want to be able to see the TV too!)


Anyone here uses iFit live?  Any ideas of what I can do to make it work?


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3 responses to “The Treadmill!

  1. Wow, that iFit live sounds amazing, and like you, I’d be freaking the eff out if it didn’t work. That’s a lot of money to spend on something, especially when the biggest selling point isn’t working correctly! Hopefully their customer service gets their act together.

    I’m so jealous of all your medals!!! I have ONE. Only one race I’ve done gave them out, and of course I never place in local races, so I have one sad little medal.

    • It’s SO frustrating!

      And I love my medals! The 9/11 5k is the only 5k in DC that gives out medals, the MCM 10k the only 10k one, and every single half marathon and marathon in the area gives medals as well. The Army Ten Miler gives the coins, while the Cherry Blossom as of last year let’s you pay 12 bucks extra for a medal — I’m a medal whore, so I always pay it up!

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