Lily looks all grown up now!

Remember when Lily was just a tiny little 3lb puppy?




Well, we went to the groomers today, and she’s looking all grown up now!  All 9.2lbs of her!



(Yes, Lucas is totally photobombing this last picture – check out the top left for his face!  And yes, my place is still a mess, why do you ask?)


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12 responses to “Lily looks all grown up now!

  1. LILY!!! She is too cute for words.

  2. Lindsay Michinock

    Wow, she is big!

  3. Such an adorable little pup!

  4. i have no name

    She looks like a happy little lady.

  5. So adorable. Almost makes me want a dog.

  6. Cat

    Ahh, such a cute wee dog! I am desperate for a doggie, but living in a flat means it just wouldn’t be fair. When I lived at home we had cockers, who were mad, but adorable.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog – hello!

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