The apartment is almost done, I gave myself the deadline of finishing by tonight – we have people joining us for dinner tomorrow, and since they’re going to see our place after getting all our crap here, might as well do my best to make it look presentable (and not like a crazy person and her husband live with this mess).

But since the State Department Round Up this week is about kitchens, I figured it’s time to post pictures of my (almost ready) kitchen  here in Manila!

Definitely a big improvement from our old Arlington one…  Remember how it looked like?

Here it was when we first moved in, basically a glorified hallway:


And after I was done with it (and after an expensive Ikea trip…)



Nothing like having to hang things on the walls so you have a tad of counter space left…


Cute?  Sure, after adding our Ikea bookcase we did make it feel more like home, and I certainly made the most out of our little space, but the lack of counter space was always a pain when any cooking was involved, specially if any appliances had to be used.


Our kitchen here in Manila?  A crapload of counter space, I can keep all our appliances out!  (Good thing, since we really don’t have much cabinet space…)




But because there’s not as much cabinet space as one would think, I still had to put my Ikea shelves up… (In this case, in the laundry room.)


Oh, don’t believe me on the lack of cabinet space?  See it for yourself!

Vent above the stove…  (I should add that we need a step ladder to reach that part.)


Grease trap under the kitchen sink (and yes, that pipe goes into another cabinet killing yet more cabinet space).


WTF is this box?  It makes a loud humming noise too.  I hate it.  (But luckily my little removable drawers from DC fit perfectly in the small space next to it).


Then we have deep cabinets with no way to full access to the back of it… (So it’s storing things will never ever use in Manila, like out extra water filter – because we already got one in this apartment.)


And let’s not forget no shelves in a lot of the cabinets…



Luckily, I also had this from my old kitchen…


And the cabinets that do have shelves?  They’re so tall that one needs a step ladder to reach the top shelf (and in case of our helper, a step ladder for the middle AND top shelf!).

Did you notice something else missing?  Drawers!  We only have those 4 next to the kitchen sink, and sadly they don’t fit a silverware tray.  We have an adjustable one that’s a good inch too big, and the plastic ones they sell here?  Also too big.  Super narrow drawers are no good in a kitchen!

And no dishwasher!  Good thing help here is cheap, because if there’s one thing I hate is washing dishes by hand.

But have I mentioned a ton of counter space?  YAY!


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8 responses to “Kitchen!

  1. adventuresin

    The WTF box is your power converter! It’s the thing that allows your 110v outlet to work. 🙂 They hung ours from the ceiling, kinda 50/50 on which is worse/scarier.
    And, our GSO was nice enough to install shelves in the shelfless cabinets we had when we moved in, perhaps yours will be just as accommodating. I like how much counter you have. Here in Dhaka, they make kitchens as small as possible, since it’s “only the maid” who will work there, supposedly. We have very few cookable kitchens.

    • Since no one else here has that (and they have 110V too!) I had no idea that’s what that was! Ok, I accept the lack of cabinet space for the convenience of using my own appliances!

      We’re really lucky to have a humongous kitchen with a ton of counter space! Good to know about the GSO. Here it’s been lacking lately (they say they’ll come, then a week goes by and nothing and we have to call again), but I’ll keep that in mind and probably put a call up to them as soon as I’m done putting the HHE away! (WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF?)

  2. Way to make the most out of your space!! At least you have the counter space to help with the lack of cabinets. Once you showed the pictures, I understood! At first I was like, “it looks like there’s plenty of cabinets!” but once you showed that they are all filled with random piping and boxes, now I see what you mean!! 🙂

    • It’s such an awkward setup the way the cabinets are arranged! Nothing properly fits when you have all that piping and random boxes going through it! But the counter space makes up for it, specially since I can just use the counter for storage of the bigger items!

  3. The kitchen bookshelf thing in your old place is a really good idea! It usually takes me a couple times of rearranging stuff in my kitchen before I get it where I want it. I’ve got the opposite problem : not much counter space, so I try to get everything to fit inside cabinets or drawers or an island that has extra cabinets that we brought from our old place.

    • We had an empty wall that was unused, and we figured that Ikea bookcase (that can be used either vertically or horizontally) was perfect for us since it would pretty much fit anywhere else we live, whether in the kitchen or not (right now it’s in our living room).

      At our old place counter space was definitely a problem. Such a pain anytime you wanted to cook something, specially when it took more than one step and you needed multiple bowls!

  4. The Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up and you’re in it.

    You can view it here:

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