Living/Dining Room: DONE!

Well, ok, we still need to put more pictures up on the walls – our framed pictures are being picked up today.

But that huge mess I’ve shown a couple of times?  Gone!

Plus, another thing has changed…

Remember these chairs…


Here’s a closer look…


Horrid, no?

After spending a small fortune (just because custom covers here are way cheaper than they would be in the US, doesn’t mean it’s not super expensive still for furniture we’ll only have for 2 years), we got them a new look, ta-dah!


Much better, no?  And before the pets ruin the other couches (I don’t mind the cream color, but heck it shows dirt), we’re also having the couches done.  Yes, we could buy a new couch with the price we’re spending to cover them all, but still cheaper than having to buy the couches after 2 years of living in them with the pets…  (And fine, ok, I spill too.)

You probably notice that one wall  by the red chairs is still white.  Nope, the infiltration still hasn’t been fixed, and the wall keeps bubbling.  Finally 2 weeks after we contacted the embassy (and I called them AGAIN), then the landlord and a building engineer came to see it on Friday, and then I had to hear how they were going to repaint it white. 

“No, you will not.  I paid for painters to come here and paint the place but they couldn’t paint that wall, you will paint it the color I want you to.  I have the paint, you will use what I give you.”  There was a lot of back and forth.  I’ll be LIVID if they paint it white despite me providing the correct color of paint.  Specially since I couldn’t paint it the correct color because THEY DID NOT FIX IT WHEN I CONTACTED THEM.  I’m not paying for painters to come back again, I’m certainly not painting it myself (since I have no painting supplies here in Manila), and I’m giving them the right color – it takes just as much effort to paint the wall white as it does to paint it gray!

But without further ado…  Here is the end result (I’ll repost it once pictures go up on the walls).





You  probably noticed based on the first pictures we took of the place that we got rid of all rugs but one (that we put it in the workout room).  The reasons?  Every time Lily had an accident, she chose the carpet to do it at.  And when we rolled the carpet to move it, the bottom looked DISGUSTING.  Let’s just say MUCH bigger dogs (and children?) have had accidents on that rug (Lily’s accidents were both small and well cleaned, it didn’t even leave a stain).  There were stains on top of stains on top of stains.  GROSS.  Were we really walking barefoot on those carpets???  Ew, seriously.

So we might buy a new rug for the living room (though Karl hates rugs, so we’ll see), but we were both grossed out that we received such nasty rugs, that should have been trashed years before instead of going to unsuspecting families…


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6 responses to “Living/Dining Room: DONE!

  1. Your place is really starting to look great! I love the dining room table.

  2. It looks like you are making a lot of progress getting all settled in! I hope your place is starting to feel more and more like home!

    • It definitely is! Having our stuff is great, there’s no more of “I wish *this* or *that* was here” or “I can’t wait until we get *that*” Now we have everything home 🙂

      I am SO not looking forward to doing it over again in less than 2 years though 😦

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