Ouch! Stupid hip!

Remember that weird hip pain I had way back at the beginning of the year?

It never went away. 

After all this time slacking off on running, you would think the one good thing is that my mysterious hip pain would heal, my plantar fasciitis would be ok, but meanwhile, my foot kills me at least once a week (ok, ok, my fault in not keeping up with all the exercises I should be doing and the ultrasound), but the hip pain?  It goes away and it’s back as soon as I attempt any running.  Not during the run, but a few minutes/hours after I finish.

Yesterday I had a pretty failed run on the treadmill (LOTS of walking.  I can’t help it, the treadmill is still boring…).  Cath called me up to join her for a run at our gym downstairs, which was perfect to get me out.  I ran badly, walked a lot, and today my hip is SCREAMING in pain.  Even though I probably only had about 10 to 15 minutes of real running.


I should take advantage of the cheap medical services here in Manila, but who wants to go to the doctor when it’s so pretty outside?

Fine, fine, anyone reading this from Manila can recommend a good orthopedist?


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8 responses to “Ouch! Stupid hip!

  1. I used to be an orthopedic nurse and I was reading this thinking, “she has GOT to go to an orthopedist”.
    I’m glad you had the same thought 🙂
    If anything, they can scan it and see what’s going on…you might be able to get away with a shot every once in a while. Best of luck!

  2. Jessica

    A friend of mine who has had a lot of foot issues said that her podiatrist recommends those shape-up shoes – the ones with the curved bottom. NOT because they offer any fitness benefits, but because they apparently do wonders for plantar fasciitis! Just thought I’d pass it along, since just walking around in slightly different shoes might be an easy fix for that problem. Good luck with your hip!

  3. Ellie

    Cheap as the medical services be, but we have excellent doctors here in Manila. Check out Dr. George Canlas, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City. I looked for blogs that talk about him so you can have an idea. Check out: (http://welovejenni.blogspot.com/2011/03/you-put-your-left-knee-in.html), some entries on bullrunner.com, . Many of the top Philippine athletes go to him. My family (while not quite athletes) have gone to him for years. Hope that helps and may you feel better soon.

  4. Ugh! Why is your hip still bothering you?! I would think it had gone away too. The PF tip from Jessica is good though. Mine has been really bad lately from wearing flats on business trips.

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