Flag Day Picture!

I can’t believe this was taken less than 6 months ago, since it feels so much longer.  Remember way back when at the beginning of the year, when I didn’t even know where we would be moving to (or when), and I almost threw up finding out all the answers during Flag Day?  (I think I was more nervous on Flag Day than I was for my own wedding.  No, I’m lying, I definitely WAS more nervous!)

If you just started reading this recently, let me tell you, that process was excruciating.  And on January 31st, we found out we would be moving to Manila in APRIL. 

Today I got an email from Nick, Karl’s A-100 classmate (A-100 is the class every new Foreign Service Officer goes through), and he sent us a picture taken minutes after the ceremony, and probably our best flag day picture:


On a side note, do you know how excited I am that I won’t need a winter jacket for TWO years?  And won’t even see snow for 2 years?  Yay for moving to a tropical country!


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3 responses to “Flag Day Picture!

  1. I totally agree about being more nervous on Flag Day than your wedding. I remember such anticipation I couldn’t hardly stand it. It seems long ago now! Glad you’re settling into Manila!

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