Home Treadmill Run!

Finally, right?

I put the treadmill together a week ago, and though the iFit stuff is still not working (apparently I need a new console – fun times), the treadmill itself is working fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve walked a few times on it with sprints here and there, while I had the TV on, I even did a “terrain” workout where the elevation kept increasing (however there’s a loud “thump” under the belt when the elevation is beyond 10 – any ideas?), but I haven’t actually run on there yet.

Can you tell that was fixed today?


I didn’t do much, or go far, I still need to get myself back into the swing of running, but 2 miles is still better than no miles, right?  Specially when they were all running.  I kept a slow-ass pace of 12 min/mile, but with three 1 to 2 minute sprints at 8:30 and at 7 min/mile pace.  So it wasn’t too bad.

I could have gone longer, but I was starting to get really bored, and I figured I want to leave my first run on the treadmill on a good note, not a dreadful one, so that tomorrow I’ll be back at it again!

And guess who else tried out the treadmill tonight?



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3 responses to “Home Treadmill Run!

  1. Yay! Glad you got the old treadmill set up. It’s super boring but nice to have on days you just don’t want to leave the house.

    • Also a lot easier to say “I don’t feel like it, I’ll just do one mile” than when you actually have to make the effort of going outside (or to a gym treadmill). Even my running shoes are right next to it so there’s no excuses!

  2. Great post, I too am a fan of home cardio. It’s difficult to be motivated after a long day at work, but the feeling after is all that much better! Cheers for a good post!


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