What heat?

You know how I’m now living in a tropical country?  A HOT tropical country?

Yeah, well, did you think I’d be rubbing it in to my DC friends about how much cooler it is here?

Because the weather here has been in the 80’s.  Today it went as low as 75 degrees thanks to the rain (boo for rain though).

Hot?  Sure.  But 100+ degree heat like DC?  HA!  Not even close!

I am sad not to be there now, not just because I miss my running friends (I have yet to consistently run since arriving in Manila, still looking to make running friends…) but one of my favorite 5k’s was also this weekend, and of course, I missed it.  Seeing a bunch of new sweaty pictures from the race popping up all over facebook made me sad and homesick.  (Gosh, I sound like a total weirdo by saying that.)

But remember last year when I ran the Crystal City Twilighter 5k in 102 degree heat, after running 14 miles that morning on a marathon training run?  You can check out last year’s race recap here, along with a bunch of pictures of when I was much thinner (and so much more tanned, WTF?).

I really really really miss hanging out with these folks… (And many others not pictured.)


And as much as I miss marathon training, reading my 14 miler recap from that morning does not make me miss those days at all.  It was one of my most brutal runs, and I was miserable.

But posts like that remind me that I can run in the Manila heat just fine, I really should stop making so many excuses.


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6 responses to “What heat?

  1. Valerie

    I was bummed to miss this 5K as well. I even had a free entry for it. : (

  2. You’ll get back there! Just ease yourself in like you have been doing. I haven’t run anything longer than a 5k in… umm… probably a year. I should probably do something about that given that I’d like to run a half in November. Yikes!

    • I need company! I hate using that as a constant excuse, but since there are no trails here, and lots and lots of little streets, I want to explore places and don’t want to get lost by myself. Plus, people motivate me to keep on going 🙂

  3. I would be bummed too. I am bummed when all my running club friends post pics of races I could have gone to but didn’t. But at the same time, they race way too much (for me!).

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