Fruit FAIL

I love love love fruits.  I’m not a huge fan of cranberries, but I do like the juice.  And though you’ll never see me sipping grapefruit juice by choice, I can’t exactly say I hate it.

So if in my whole life I’ve only encountered two fruits I wasn’t a huge fan of, both in a non-tropical climate, it’s no surprise that here in Manila I want to try even more tropical fruits!

The green fruit at the bottom left of the picture is actually one of my favorites… (I miss Brazilian fruits…)


Karl and I tried rambutan for the first time on Saturday, and ate this whole thing in one sitting!  Yum!



Who would have guessed it looks so harmless inside?



I also tried dragon fruit for the first time, and though it definitely doesn’t have an appetizing exterior, it’s quite yummy inside, the flavor reminds me of kiwi.



I just ate it by the spoonful, so here’s a look post-massacre…


So when our helper suggested I try durian, a “smelly but very tasteful” fruit, I was intrigued.  Specially since the outside doesn’t look too different from my favorite fruit.  Soursop is another one of my favorites, and it also has a similar exterior.  Durian seemed quite harmless.

After it stunk up my fridge for a whole 24 hours, I was ready to give it a try.  At first, just looking at it made my stomach churn.  Doesn’t it look like fatty chicken bits?


But I got over my fears and took a bite…  The texture?  Totally not what I was expecting.  It was like spoiled cream.  So even though the flavor wasn’t that horrible the texture killed it for me.

I couldn’t even finish it, and spit the rest out.  I had never been this defeated by a piece of fruit.  Karl didn’t even make past the first bite.

I can no longer claim to like all fruits, because there’s no way I’ll ever try a durian again.

Fruit FAIL.  Definitely.  Ugh.


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18 responses to “Fruit FAIL

  1. Vanessa

    Oi Carla! Rambutan looks like lychee! Yummy!
    Well… Even without trying it, I must agree with you that durian is not attractive at all. :-/
    Enjoy the ones you like!

  2. Ewwww, that sounds gross! Good for you for trying! 🙂

  3. Narra

    Oh my goodness… Philippine FRUIT! You’re making my mouth water with the first picture. I LOVE guyabano (the lower left in the first pic) too! We used to have a guyabano bush in our yard when I was a kid. Have you tried santol or lansones yet? Or mangosteen? Or lanka? Wow. I am so jealous. But yes, durian is pretty disgusting.

  4. Good old durian. I’m with you, I like just about any fruit but not durian. That stuff is crazy. I agree that the texture is definitely the worst part.

  5. 1. I LOVE Rambutan (from the Malay ‘Rambut’, meaning hair; Rambutan = ‘that which is hairy’ — which is how the Malays interpret all those little spikes on the outside), and wish they were more widely available in the States.

    2. To be honest, the durian you had looks a little past due — like maybe it was starting to spoil. I hate to be that guy who suggests that you consider trying it ONE MORE TIME, but maybe it might be worth it to buy a quarter of a Durian that’s still in the husk and make sure it’s still good before you tuck in? I always think of it as being like avocado — delicious (and creamy!), but not the sort of thing you’d necessarily want to eat as a hand food.

  6. Jessica (Lindsey Mae's Blog)

    SO get this—in our building’s “rules” they don’t allow you to have durian in your condo because it’s so stinky and it might offend your neighbors! Ha! So I’ve never tried it, but reading your post, it doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on much!

    You DO DEFINITELY need to try mangosteen though! It might be my most favorite fruit ever! It’s also an odd one though–super tough skin that you have to cut through with a thick knife, but the inside has wedges like an orange. The fatter wedges have big hard seeds, so watch out for those!

    • Now that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It smells strong and all, but not enough to stink up the building! I couldn’t even smell it outside our kitchen. Geez!

      That’s 2 votes for mangosteen, just wikipedia’d it so I know what it looks like. Not sure if I’ve seen it yet, but if the rain doesn’t kill this weekend’s market, I’m definitely looking for it!

  7. Funny post, Carla! And you’re brave for trying them all… Although some looked deliciously colorful, I don’t think I’d be as curious! But I should! Good to know we share a passion for “pinha”/”ata”, saw from your first pic (the green one on the bottom left)… Would you believe they don’t have good ones here in Recife??? I used to devour them while living in BSB… Anyway, good luck with your new discoveries, and keep sharing… The photos are beautiful! And, BTW, any chances of coming to Brazil? I think I was lucky in the sense of my husband willing to learn Portuguese before we even met… kinda rare… 😮 Take care, Raquel

    • In Rio we call them “fruta do Conde” not pinha. Hmmm delicious nonetheless…

      I really really really hope we get Brazil next! My husband wants to learn Portuguese but has no time, so if we go there it would be perfect! (Hoping for Rio, since my family is there, but I’m not picky really, I can go anywhere!)

  8. Ugh, the Durian looks so gross! Are you sure it’s a fruit? Yuck! 😛

  9. Al

    Haha I remembered Andrew Zimmern, host of bizarre foods. I never seen him back off from any food he showed in his show. From balut (fetus of a duck in an egg, you have to try this! :)) all those yucky of this world insects. I think he can eat anything that is chewable. But not the durian! He actually spat it out and can’t take another bite of it. haha

    They say durian is an acquired-taste fruit. I love it! yes, the texture can be gross. What I do is eat it frozen. and it won’t be that yucky anymore. Once your taste buds get accustomed to it you’ll beg for more. I have a friend who is a durian-addict now 🙂

    YES, You have to try the mangosteen! I don’t eat much fruit but when it comes to this, im not leaving the table anymore 🙂

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