Philippines 1 x 2 Kuwait

Yesterday we went to see the World Cup qualifier game, Philippines vs Kuwait.

Is it wrong that I teared up when I saw the “Brazil” on the signs?  I so so so hope I get to see it live…



Of course, I wore my Brazilian jersey, because I gotta represent!  (I promise my arm is not that long in real life – self-portrait FAIL!)



As you can tell, our seats were crap, as we were right by the wall.  For 2,000 pesos, I thought we had some sweet seats – I was wrong!





It was definitely an odd experience cheering for the underdogs (if you didn’t know Brazil is the best in soccer since in forever)…  But the Filipinos scored the first goal and the crowd went nuts!

Crowd going wild after the Philippines scored the first goal.



Sadly, Kuwait scored two goals on the second half, since the Pinoy defense was lacking by a lot (you can’t leave the goalkeeper to take care of the area on his own!). 


The game was fun, but sad to think it’s the most exciting soccer game I’ll get to see in my time here!  So, the Azkals are not moving forward to the next stage, and are out of the running for the World Cup.

With the girls screaming behind us, you would think we were at a Justin Bieber concert though.  Just listen…  This went on for the WHOLE FREAKING GAME…

My ears might never recover!

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One response to “Philippines 1 x 2 Kuwait

  1. Very nice the soccer game described here and the videos and pics of it, I was in Manila that time and wanted to have watched it, but I was not ready as I had read about it only in that same day. I loved the witty comments!

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